What is Affiliate Tracking Software
& Why Do I Need it?

The Lowdown on Tracking Affiliate Sales for Your Business

When it comes to advanced MLM software capabilities, Trinity Software believes that it is vital to have affiliate sales tracking software incorporated into your business model.

Providing an affiliate program to individuals in your network is the best way to grow your brand and business. Affiliate sales tracking is paramount for business owners, employees, and affiliate teams to properly track business relationships as well as receiving and paying commissions on goods sold.

By tracking affiliate sales, business owners can easily view their team’s sales as well as performance levels and make important business decisions based on productivity. For employees, tracking affiliate sales becomes an important tool to make the same decisions about a business that may not be generating the commissions that they are looking for.

By and large, affiliate tracking software is the best way for business owners and employees to track the relationship from the original customer to the new customer.

What is Affiliate Tracking?

Affiliate tracking is a method of tracking and managing marketing activities, which is conducted by using advanced MLM software with tracking capabilities and plugins that are installed on affiliate websites. Simply defined, an affiliate is a customer of a customer, and here’s some good information on starting your own affiliate website.

What Does Affiliate Tracking Software Do?

Affiliate tracking software can store information and accurately display clicks, conversations, sales, and commissions usually in the form of different metrics and graphs. This information is crucial to the success of MLM business models, especially for startups just entering the market.

Additionally, it helps both business owners and employees by tracking the performance of their affiliates. Affiliate tracking software like Firestorm shows them which ones are driving revenue and traffic.

This analytical data plays a vital role in the proper payment and compensation of affiliates; however, the most important thing that it should do is track the relationship from the original customer to the new customer.

Why Do I Need Affiliate Tracking Capabilities?

Tracking affiliate sales is something that should not be overlook or underrated, and there are several good reasons why you need it, especially if you are a business owner. For example, if your MLM business is struggling in a particular market, affiliate software can help you to find the affiliates in your network or branch out to new ones who have the experience to reach that market.

Affiliate software provides business owners with a cost-effective and efficient vehicle that not only expands your reach, but it also increases your connections like never before.

What Are the Major Benefits of Advanced MLM Software?

The most beneficial component to advanced MLM software that’s designed with affiliate marketing capabilities is, you don’t pay a dime until your affiliate turns a profit. Tracking software for affiliate marketing businesses, employees, and MLM teams eliminates the need to manually calculate affiliate commissions and properly pay them because advanced MLM software automatically does that for you.

As most business owners can relate, keeping track of a number of affiliates can be both time-consuming and nonproductive. Even with the best office software and programs like Microsoft Excel, keeping track of affiliate commissions takes more work than it’s worth, and it also eats into your campaign and marketing time. Having a concrete affiliate tracking system running your business operations saves you time and money.

Here are the major benefits of having an advanced MLM software system that tracks your affiliates sales, and why you want it:

  • Increased Traffic: Affiliate marketing generally depends on your exposure to online buyers. Having a large number of affiliates on your team will increase your website traffic and the number of click-through purchases.
  • In Depth Reporting: Affiliate software can take care of your business matters; however, it also tracks the activities and conversations of your affiliates. Advanced MLM software also provides algorithms for various areas such as your affiliate’s sales and commissions, the places they’ve registered, and the conversations they’ve had with other affiliates and customers in your network.
  • Worry-Free Accounting: Tracking software provides worry-free accounting management and eliminates the need to hire an accountant to pay your commissions and keep track of your own or spending endless hours doing yourself with ineffective office software. A good tracking system for affiliate marketing, not only does that for you, but it also ensures as new customers are buying products, the commissions can be properly paid to the original customer. Not all software systems can do this, but Infinity Software’s Firestorm can.

Some other major perks of affiliate sales tracking software are having full payment details with the click of a mouse and easy product promotion. Once your affiliate program is loaded into the system, it will work nonstop to maximize your products, services, and business in a number of profitable ways.

How Do I Track My Affiliate Sales?

Tracking affiliate sales in the most conducive manner from a business standpoint starts and ends with Trinity Software. We are an industry leader in affiliate sales tracking software. Our flagship software Firestorm has helped both major MLM companies with thousands of affiliates and those just entering the field who may only have a handful of affiliates.

Regardless of your MLM company’s size, we provide the best affiliate sales tracking software in the marketplace backed with a solid customer service department. For more information on how to get started with Trinity Software today, click here to view a free Firestorm demo.

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