Party Plan Software and MLM software Your business is Selling.
Your passion is building relationships.
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Party Plan Software for Direct Selling Companies

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You want to help provide a better life for your consultants.

A bad software platform shouldn’t ruin your chances of success.

As you begin your journey towards making a decision on a Party Plan Software system to run your direct selling business watch out for these concerns and frustrations. These problems can seriously damage your chances for successful growth of your company before you even get a chance to get started!

Pitfalls to avoid:

Huge startup fees and monthly costs

Upfront startup fees can be a crippling expense with most software solutions. You don’t want huge startup fees or ongoing monthly per-distributor fees and transaction fees to hinder your growth opportunities.

Poor Support

When you have an issue and you need help NOW, getting to speak with a real person on the phone can be a hugely frustrating task. When you need support, you need it now, and you want to speak with a REAL person.

Limited Functionality

Your business is growing and your software needs to meet those demands, not give you excuses and headaches which can force you to compromise
your vision.

Non-customizable solutions

A direct selling platform needs to give you all the functionality you need, but your unique needs will continue to change as you grow. Don’t get burned with a solution that cannot grow with you!

We not only care about excellence in our Party Plan Software system, we care about YOUR Success!

Our goal is to make you the hero of the story! Our mission is to provide everything you need in an affordable way so you can climb the mountain of success with the least path of resistance. 

Conserve Financial Resources
  • We offer No startup fee, No transaction charges, No escalating per user fees. Same cost every month. No Surprises.
  • Use your crucial startup funds to help pay for other things you need to get going. Legal, Comp Plan development, Product development, etc.
Save Time
  • We can launch your company in 4 weeks from contract signing. Be ready to move fast!
  • We can give you more time to spend actually building your business instead of worrying about your software systems.
Unlimited Support
  • A U.S. based support team that actually knows you, and helps you to get things done smoothly and quickly, by phone or email.
  • Free system upgrades for the life of your system
Comprehensive Capabilities
  • Firestorm® offers a full suite of functionality. We have what you need, when you need it. Period.
  • All compensation plans are supported, most of them out of the box.
  • When your needs extend outside of what we offer out of the box, we listen carefully to determine what you actually need, and if it’s not already in our solution we can build a custom add to the system, tailored specifically to your requests.


Select Firestorm® and Sign Agreement

Meet your sales representative, demo the system and get the answers you need to get started.

System and E-Commerce Setup

Our launch Team is very detailed oriented and highly experienced and will get your system up and running in 4 weeks or less.

Comp Plan Setup & Programming

This step is crucial for a successful launch! We’ve done it for over 1,000 companies in our history. This programming will happen simultaneously with your system setup.


We have a top notch training facility in house.
We know a firm understanding of the system is key to your success.

Launch and 
Go Live!

Our Launch Team is here for you as you achieve this momentous goal.
This is the beginning of great things!


Parties are fun! As long as your company has all the tools and capabilities they need. Manage all your parties, set up new parties, invite guests, process party orders, set up future parties and claim host awards. You can control every aspect of parties held by your consultants. The Party Portal is designed to allow your consultant to manage the life-cycle of the party on their schedule. They can set up the party and send e-vites today, then return after the party is over and complete the remaining steps (entering orders, redeeming host awards, etc.).

Party Plan Software

Set up new party

Easy and exciting to set up your party!

Party Plan Software


Manage E-vites!

Party Plan Software

Order entry

It's never been easier!

Party Plan Software

Host Awards

Search, find and redeem your awards!

Party Plan Software

Replicated Party Websites

Give links to your site to your party guests!

Firestorm Party Plan Software provides full, comprehensive support for party plan companies.

We have long been the most comprehensive and configurable software system available in the market. Firestorm is pleased to offer that same flexibility and reliability to the party plan industry with our party plan software.

We have worked long and hard to bring you a party plan software system that will provide you with the level of excellence and expertise that we are known for worldwide.

Party Plan Specific Features in the Firestorm Party Plan Software System

Remember, as you review the features list below; these are only the specialized party plan specific features of our Party Plan software system. Firestorm® also provides an exhaustive set of configurable standard features that are available for for all compensation plans!


Firestorm® Web Office Tools