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The most powerful and scalable direct selling system available to suit your exact needs minus the excessive fees. No matter your business size, Firestorm® adds profound functionality to it through leading-edge affiliate software, party plan software, and MLM software. It’s the key to actualizing your business dreams – even those crazy ones.

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Shopify and Firestorm® make for a dynamic duo. Leverage Shopify’s great e-commerce platform along with Firestorm’s® 24+ years of experience in affiliate marketing and direct sales to create a profoundly strong platform that supports your business in every area. It’s your rocket ride to the next level (or two).

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We’re making parties fun again. With the control back in your hands, you can manage every aspect of your consultant’s parties. Manage all your parties, set up new parties, invite guests, process party orders, set up future parties, and claim host awards.

The Party Portal is designed to allow your consultant to manage the life-cycle of the party on their schedule. Allowing them to set up parties and send e-vites today, then return, after the party is over, to complete the remaining steps (entering orders, redeeming host awards, etc.).

Give your consultants the marketing power of their own website. Firestorm®’s replicating website service offers the most powerful and SEO-friendly way to generate personal replicating websites. Your consultants will have their own online space to sell your products and services with complete control over content and design.

Replicated websites provide a customizable template of your master, corporate website that can be duplicated and issued to any of your network marketing consultants in the field. Distributors can include their personal contact information, their picture, a customized greeting, and much more all while keeping the general layout and essential selling features found on your base company website.

Firestorm® provides your company with a highly configurable and versatile e-commerce platform with built-in CMS capabilities to allow easy content management. You can even load your corporate website content directly into the shopping cart environment, giving your shoppers a completely seamless user experience.

We allow you to choose which e-commerce platform you want in your new Firestorm® system: Shopify OR Firestorm®’s integrated shopping cart feature.

With this new integration, you will be able to fully leverage the excellent e-commerce capabilities provided by Shopify and bolt them onto Firestorm®’s powerful commissioning engines, member’s web office, payment tools, and hundreds of other features. Retain your investments of time and money into the Shopify platform and boom into the direct selling space with the industry’s most powerful platform for direct selling – Firestorm®.

To best support your team and customers, while saving time, money, and resources, you need a tightly focused web back office. For a back web office to be successful, it must be configurable and not overwhelming to the eye with endless tools and options. That’s where Firestorm comes in.

The ‘other guys’ will interpret what they think your business needs, much like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. With Firestorm, your back web office will be tailored specifically for you without custom programming, keeping you and your field sales staff and members happy.

Firestorm® gives you a comprehensive, mobile-responsive single-page sign-up form that can accommodate all of your special business rules. It allows for dynamic kitting, up-selling through one-time offers, and many other features, all during the enrollment process.

Connect with your team and customers effortlessly. With social media integration, bulk email systems, email groups, and auto responder emails, you can be the unified team you’ve always wanted to be.

The ‘other guys’ will interpret what they think your business needs, much like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. With Firestorm®, your back web office will be tailored specifically for you without custom programming, keeping you and your field sales staff and members happy.

View either standard or company-specific KPIs in a summary basis for all downline members. Drill into each downline member’s position to view their summaries and downlines. Members can even drill all the way to the very last level of their organization while maintaining a graphical and color-coded view of their entire downline.

Serve your customers even better with our top-of-the-line customer relationship management feature with a graphical structure view that gives you the power to go the extra mile. Quickly view sponsors, sponsored members, customers, affiliates, and member history. Manage trouble tickets, replicated website access, web office access, comments, and all personal information with a click. It’s never been easier to keep up with your customers with access to order entries, check history, matrix legs, upline structure, and so much more.

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