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Shopify and Firestorm® make for a dynamic duo. Leverage Shopify’s great e-commerce platform along with Firestorm®’s 24+ years of experience in affiliate software and direct sales to create a profoundly strong platform that supports your business in every area. It’s your rocket ride to the next level (or two).

Shopify® direct selling Integration features.

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You won’t skip a beat with this harmonious fusion. With our easy-to-use Shopify® & Firestorm® interface, navigating your new and improved direct selling software is effortless. Just prepare for increased channels, growth, and profits.

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Replicated websites along with member photo and contact information are fully supported within the Shopify environment. Your member will be able to pick a URL to use during enrollment which will be used by them to direct people to your cart to place an order. URLs may be in the form of OR When this URL is used, any order placed will be automatically attributed to the owner of the URL.

To solve the problem of a shopper placing a non-attributed order, our integration has the ability (your choice) to display a member lookup tool on the initial checkout screen in Shopify to allow the shopper to search for and select a referring member, or to change the referring member if they ended up on the wrong replicated site. The lookup tool uses rapid pattern matching to present a list of matching names very rapidly as they type. Once the correct name is found, the shopper simply taps it to select a new member.

When an order is placed on your Shopify cart, Shopify will automatically transmit the order in near real time into the Firestorm® API for processing. When Firestorm® receives the order from Shopify, it is processed and entered into the system for commission payment and reporting purposes. Firestorm will capture the full order details for all orders and will retain the Shopify order number so the orders will have the same order number regardless of which system you look up the order on.

On the fly product definition

When an order is received from Shopify, Firestorm® will examine the order to make sure that any products contained on the order are defined in the Firestorm inventory system. If a given product is not defined, Firestorm® will automatically properly define the product in the Firestorm® system, keeping you from having to do so yourself. This allows you to make Shopify the system of record for products. You only have to worry about defining and managing products on the Shopify system, knowing that those products will automatically migrate over to Firestorm® as they are sold.

When an order is placed or sold from the Firestorm® system (i.e.: Enrollment Orders, Replacement Orders, etc.) that order can be sent over to Shopify automatically to ensure that both systems have the exact same data at all times. This action means that you can use either system to pull orders and perform research as required.

Since Shopify supports the cancellation of orders, our integration includes full support for automatically transmitting those cancellations into the Firestorm® system. When Firestorm® receives the cancellation request, the system will perform all configured actions for a voided order (i.e.: claw back of commission payments as required, etc.). Everything is handled within Firestorm® so you don’t need to worry about maintaining two systems. Simply cancel the order on Shopify, and let Firestorm® do the rest!

Since Shopify only supports a single price for a product, Firestorm will automatically calculate CV/QV values for the products based on a mathematical formula configured within the Firestorm® system. (In order to properly pay commissions and calculate qualifications, these values must exist in Firestorm)

Configurable default referrer when someone shops on corporate site when no referring member is available. This allows you to ensure that all orders have basic attribution. Use of this feature is required and is configured on the Firestorm® system.

When deciding on which sales channels you want to provide, the creation of multiple Shopify stores is a common solution. This allows you to have completely separate carts for different sales channels. All of these stores can be set up to feed into a single Firestorm® system, allowing you to have a single commissioning system to pay for multiple stores.

The integration supports multiple commission plans, one for each defined Shopify Store. This allows you to have different commission plans* for Affiliates, Influencers and Members or more!

* When using Binary (volume based) compensation plans, only one store per Firestorm® system will support Binary. There are no limits when using level based commission plans.

Firestorm® will automatically pull a full feed of products from the Shopify system and will automatically add them to the Firestorm® inventory system to ensure that your product listing is up to date. Typically this action is performed once per day, but depending on your needs and your Firestorm® system, may be configured for different intervals.

Whenever a new member enrolls on the Firestorm® system, the integration will take care of creating a new customer record on the Shopify platform and linking the Firestorm® record to the Shopify record to ensure that all future orders will be credited to the correct customer on Firestorm® for commission payments if and when they are earned.

Shopify supports the creation of Gift Certificates for customers to use within the Shopify cart. This allows you to sell or award gift certificates from within Firestorm® and have those gift certificates automatically created on the Shopify platform, ready for use. Firestorm can then be used to notify the purchaser that they have a new gift certificate that is ready to use, if desired.

The automated generation of Gift Certificates on the Shopify platform requires access to the GiftCertificate API. Only specific Shopify packages grant access to the correct API, so you must ensure you have the correct Shopify platform to use this capability.

Since every company always wants a little different look and feel to their UI, Firestorm® includes fill support for CSS styles to allow the customization to the UI elements that Firestorm® adds to the Shopify User Interface. This allows you to keep a consistent look and feel with whichever theme you choose for your Shopify store.

Firestorm® will handle all new enrollments into your company by utilizing Firestorm’s® online enrollment process. In order to access the enrollment process, our team will work with you to add the appropriate UI elements to your Shopify cart to allow new members to enroll using Firestorm® enrollment. When this enrollment occurs, Firestorm® will ensure that proper accounts are created and linked on both Firestorm® and Shopify. All future orders will be properly attributed to the new enrollee.

So your Consultants can post the correct link to any page in the Shopify cart to social media easily, The UI includes a “Copy Link to Clipboard” function that members can use to obtain the proper link at any time. When clicked, the system will copy the correct link into the shopper’s clipboard, allowing the shopper to paste the link quickly and easily onto any social media platform that allows it.
This integration includes the ability to link to ANY page on Shopify while the system maintains the proper referring member (attribution) information, assuring that any link posted in this manner will always bring the person clicking the link within social media to the proper replicated website so the order can be attributed to the owner of the replicated site.

This allows you to leverage Shopify’s admin interface to create and manage products and inventory. This also allows you to leverage the plug-ins that are available within the Shopify environment*

(*use of plug-ins requires that the plug in not make any active data changes to the order. Firestorm support will confirm that your plug-ins will or will not work)

Order processing is handled on Shopify using their standard procedures. Firestorm will handle all commission processing to your specifications while maintaining a complete record of all orders from Shopify.

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