Website Replication Software:

The Benefits of Customizable,
Replicated Websites

The ability to build customized replicated websites is crucial to your team. Website replication software is one of the best features you can offer your network marketing consultants. Watch the video below as Jerry Reynolds, President of Trinity Software, dives into the powerful advantages replicated websites for mlm can provide for your network marketing team.

What is a Replicated Website?

Replicated websites provide a customizable template of your master, corporate website that can be duplicated and issued to any of your network marketing consultants in the field. Distributors can include their personal contact information, their picture, a customized greeting and much more all while keeping the general layout and essential selling features found on your base company website.

Replicated websites have the ability to track and credit sales for consultants. When a customer visits one of your distributor’s replicated websites, whether they visit on a desktop computer or mobile device, the system records all sales made on that specific site and credits the affiliated consultant correctly. This feature is crucial for commission and qualification purposes. Having a system that utilizes replicated websites for mlm allows your network marketing team to rest easy knowing that the system is keeping track of their sales accurately.

Personalized Sales Tools

Once consultants customize their replicated website, they can then share their replicated website’s individual URL when selling your products. Experienced network marketing distributers know that the personal touch replicated websites provide builds an indispensable bridge between them and their potential customers. Sharing their individual URL on social media or on business cards is one of the fastest ways to make a sale.

Customized replicated websites add a personal touch that is essential when engaging in direct selling. Business experts suggest that this technology is so vital to direct sellers that they advise against signing up with a company that does not offer replicated websites to their consultants. In that way, replicated websites are both an advanced feature and a base requirement for all MLM businesses.

If you would like to learn more about replicated websites for Multi-Level Marketing through Trinity Software, please call us today or request a demo. Setting your company up for network marketing success would be our honor. Contact us today!

Video Transcription

Ok, going right down the list. The next thing that your software system must provide – this an advanced feature, but it’s really kind of a blend. It’s a base requirement and an advanced feature. But they’re called replicated websites. And basically, what it is, is where the system will allow your individual consultants in the field to have a website that is personalized to them. It will have their contact information, their picture, their greeting. Whatever you allow to be put up can be incorporated into the base company website so that any order that comes in from that website gets credited to the member that owns the replicated website.

So how is this powerful? Well, it allows your consultants to go out however they want to do it. If they want to post it on social media, if they want to print out a business card that has the domain URL on it, any of that will work. When someone goes to that URL, either through a click or through typing it out in a browser – any activity that occurs while they’re on the website, the replicated website, will be credited to the owner of the replicated website. So, the affiliation of that order for commission payments, qualification purposes, any of that, will always be credited to the right person in using replicated websites. This is a vital component that marketers, experienced network marketers are always looking for this. And they are always wanting to make sure it’s one-hundred percent reliable one-hundred percent of the time.