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Trinity Software has been in business for over 20 years with development in both the commercial and MLM industries. We’ve done projects for the federal government and several Fortune 500 companies. We have over 16 years of MLM experience and have implemented many different pay plans.

We have one low price for any custom Firestorm® report, as we use Crystal Reports (an off the shelf product that your own staff can purchase and use to write their own reports when using a dedicated server or an in-house license for Firestorm®). We also include nearly 100 standard reports with Firestorm®. For custom development, Firestorm® was designed to allow many changes to be written quickly and efficiently using external calls or stored procedures – eliminating the need to modify the core software.

Our current rates are very competitive $195.00 per hour for custom programming. Keep in mind that our goal is to minimize any custom work that may be required to deploy your system. Even though we can do it, custom programming is not a desired profit center for our company.

Yes, we provide a comprehensive online help system as well as an 800+ page operations manual for Firestorm®, Report Manager and Security Manager. The documentation also has process flow diagrams, screenshots, tips, features, important notes and complete process descriptions. There is also a complete Programmer’s API document for clients using an in-house version of Firestorm®.

Yes, a Firestorm® Enterprise Edition on-site license is available for purchase at any time. If you are hosting with us using our premier hosting package, your hosting startup fee can be credited toward your purchase and there is 0 penalty for moving it or cancelling hosting in the event of a purchase upgrade within a specified time period.

Yes, in Firestorm® you can change the frequency of when you run any business processes, such as run promotions daily or weekly, do a special check run for contests, etc. You can also change many aspects of your pay plan such as the number of pay levels, pay qualifications, level payouts, bonus configurations, payouts and bonus qualifications. Firestorm® includes many different admin screens to create your own bonuses at any time, no custom programming required!

Yes, we have instructor-led training for any level of system operations. Training is specific to your company and is performed in our classroom and lab facility. Course content can be tailored specifically to your exact requirements if necessary.

If you license a Firestorm® in-house system you have full access to your database and you can pull backups at any time. If hosted, you may perform a data extract using our data export tool, at any time for no additional charge.

Yes, Yes & Yes! If you select a hosted version of Firestorm®, phone support is provided for no additional charge and all required maintenance and upgrades are free! For in-house clients, we offer a monthly support agreement for a minimal charge that provides 8 hours of phone support each month and free feature upgrades. For upgrades, you only pay for the time it takes us to install the upgrade on your servers.

Yes, a Firestorm® license purchase comes with an open API interface for reasons exactly like this one. For your programming staff, all DLL libraries are completely exposed and available, allowing full access to the application functionality. We also provide an XML Web Services API to allow integration with external systems.