Client Specific, Instructor-Led
MLM Software Training

Firestorm has the most powerful multi-level marking software platform on the market today. With all of the capabilities available to you on this software, learning the ins and outs of your specific system can be daunting. That is why we offer client specific, live MLM software training. Our instructors offer highly targeted network marketing training for you and your team to ensure that you are getting the most out of your system.

Watch the video below to learn about our custom network marketing training from Jerry Reynolds, President of Trinity Software.

What to Expect During Your MLM Training Workshop

We have our own Firestorm training center which can accommodate a number of trainees per session. These MLM training sessions are designed for your team member who will be responsible for daily operations. We will cover everything from advanced configuration methods, system administration and business processes. Click here to learn more about our Firestorm training workshop and see how we can help empower your direct selling team.

If traveling to our on-site training facility is not an option for you (which is now more relevant than ever with COVID-19), we offer online MLM software training for you and your team. These training sessions will be led by a live instructor via video conferencing (using tools such as Zoom or Go To Meeting) to give your team the tools they need to operate your system on a day to day basis. Just like in our in-person training sessions, your network marketing training will be conducted using your system and will be specific to your business model.

We also offer online MLM training sessions and 24/7 support resources on our website in the case that you are not available for a live session.  Due to COVID-19, online training has never been more important. While online training has its own learning curve, understanding how to fully leverage the Firestorm system is critical for growing your business.

Helping You Get the Most Out of Your System

Making sure you have all of the tools necessary to manage your company is a top priority for our team at Trinity Software. Live MLM training on your specific system will empower your team to utilize every piece of your highly capable software. Contact us today to take advantage of our tailored-fit MLM training workshops.

Video Transcription

The next major thing we’re going to talk about is the ability to have Firestorm training. Now, training can come in many forms and sometimes it will be dependent on what you need. But our preferred method of training is, we have a training facility that we’ve built here that has two classrooms in it. We can train about twelve to sixteen students at a time. So depending on the audience that you have – customer service people, administrative people, any of that. We can tailor instructor led classes to your specific need. The nice thing that we offer is that the training that we do for you is specific to you and it will be done on your system. So you’re not going to get generic training that we do for everybody. You’re going to get highly targeted training specific to your business model and to show you how to use the pieces of the system that are necessary to manage your company.

If online training is the option for you, we also offer that. We do half day sessions where it is still an individual instructor. Obviously, you’re not here in our training facility, you’re remote, but we’ll use Zoom, or constant Go To Meeting, Zoom – those are the two preferred methods. Preferably Zoom because you get a lot of video feedback as well. But we can do those trainings typically in four-hour sessions spread across two or three days.