What’s Your New
MLM Company Launch Timeframe?

You have a great idea, built a product you can stand behind, selected a business plan and a structure that works for you – so now it’s time to focus on launching your new MLM business! One of the first questions you should ask your MLM software company is, “How long will our new MLM company launch take?”  Starting a new MLM business is no small task, so selecting the right software company from the start is critical when approaching your new MLM launch and getting your business off the ground. Watch in the video below as Jerry Reynolds discusses the two options available (5-day soft launch and 4 week launch) when conducting an MLM launch with Trinity Software.

MLM Soft Launch in 5 Days (or less!)

Trinity Software can have your basic new MLM company launch ready in as little as five days! This is called a soft launch, where we get your company online for the purpose of enrollment. In this option, we load your base shopping cart and have it up and running so that you can begin conducting business and taking enrollments. We can also pay out one round of commissions during the soft MLM launch period. There is a small fee to place your company on our soft launch path and your business must meet a few minimum prerequisites in order to be eligible for this option. This is by far the fastest way to approach a new MLM company launch!

MLM Full Launch in 4 Weeks (or less!)

When it comes to a full MLM launch, speed is key. The longer it takes to get your company online, the longer it takes for you to start seeing sales and profits. We know that lost time can equal lost profits, so our goal is to get your MLM launched in as little as four weeks. And because we offer monthly subscription pricing, your company will be fully online and collecting payments before your second month’s fee is even due.

If you would like to take advantage of the launch speed Trinity Software can offer, please call us today.  We would love the opportunity to get your new mlm company launch off the ground in five days or four weeks.

Video Transcription

Alright, as we bring this to a conclusion, one of the things you want to look at is that when you select your software system is, “What is the timeframe for launching?” Launching meaning going live and actually starting to take orders. This is a key question, because every vendor is different. Every vendor does things in a different manner. So, what I’m going to talk about is what we do, ok, at Trinity Software.

One of the things we specialize in is being able to launch your company in one of two ways. We can launch you as a soft launch, which means we’re going to bring your system online specifically for enrolling people. So, this would be like an early launch. And we can pay one commission and we can get your shopping cart up and running in its base mode so that you can begin to do business and begin to do enrollments. So, that type of launch takes five days or less.

So that’s very quick, very rapid, so you need to make sure there’s a lot of prerequisites that you have to have in place and our sales team can sure guide you through that and give you a list in advance. Nothing, no black magic or anything, it’s you just have to have things like a merchant account and an SSL and a domain and stuff like that. So, they’ll give you a complete list if you choose to go for this really fast launch.

A normal launch would take four weeks or less, ok? So, if you sign up, you don’t want to do the soft launch. Which by the way there is an extra charge for the soft launch, because there’s a lot of really intense focused attention on your account for five days. But a regular launch, there’s no additional cost. It costs, it doesn’t cost anything, it’s included. But it’s a four-week process. So, from the time you sign your contract and you pay your initial fee, which is very low, we use a subscription pricing model, which I will discuss in detail in another video. But you pay that, and within four weeks, you’re live. So, before your next fee is due in the next month, you’ll be able to start collecting money. So, the launch timeframe is crucial. It’s important that you give your software vendor, hopefully us, give us the right amount of time to accomplish your goal.

And as a wrap up, we’ve gone over a lot of advanced capabilities of an MLM software system. But believe it or not, even this list is not exhaustive. We would be making a ten-hour video if we went over everything and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to watch that. So, what we’d like to do is give you the opportunity to learn about our flagship product, Firestorm that includes all of these capabilities, both basic and advanced, that we’ve discussed today. And they’re all included. There’s not extra charges for any of this. So, our sales team would be more than happy to talk to you. We can go over this in detail. We can demo the software for you on your schedule and show you which pieces you can use or don’t need. And we can come up with a package that specifically addresses what you’re looking for. Thanks for your time and I appreciate your listening.