Many forward-thinking individuals who are looking for answers to what is MLM (multi-level marketing) are also looking at the news in today’s economy, which indicates that we are faced with uncertain times. The business industry is changing fast and fueled by changes in technology and economic infrastructure. These changes are leading to increases in minimum wages, companies downsizing, higher unemployment rates, devalued investments, and government bodies raising sales taxes across the board. With the economy facing uncertain perils and futures? This domino effect has even trickled down to insufficient personal savings and retirement packages for the working-class.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many people are continually searching for a better opportunity to become more independent in order to have a sustainable financial future. Are there any reasonable options out there that could lead us to enhance our financial freedom and independence? Could operating a retail business be a good option or what about a franchise opportunity? Unfortunately, efforts to utilize these conventional platforms to build a good financial portfolio tend to lean toward huge expenses in terms of money, time and energy. In many cases, we are left disappointed because of new debts that arise.

Millions of people are searching for appropriate ways to make that extra buck, particularly from home, which can allow them to carry on with their standard lifestyle while being in control over their own destiny. One untapped resource that people are missing out on, is multi-level marketing. Many people have heard of MLM, but don’t know what it is? So, what is MLM and can you make money with MLM? The answer is an astounding yes. Simply, continue reading to learn more information about starting your own MLM business.


What is MLM & Why Would You Do MLM?

It’s only normal that questions like what is MLM, what is an MLM business, and how do multi-level marketing levels work are all legitimate ones to ask. Especially, if you are seriously considering an MLM business to break the chains of being stuck in a dead-end job and improve your current financial situation.

So, what is MLM and how does it work? MLM is an acronym for “multi-level-marketing,” and it works on a pyramid structure that has the potential to generate a sustainable and never-ending income stream. This pyramid structure is not to be confused with a pyramid scheme. MLM is not a pyramid scheme or scam, it’s a legitimate business venture. Simply defined, MLM is a vehicle for product distribution, and the best part is? You don’t need to take out a second mortgage or obtain a substantial business loan to buy the products.

Realistically speaking, can you make money with MLM without buying millions of dollars’ worth of product? The answer to this question can be found in the multi-level marketing company itself.

What is a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

A multi-level marketing company is a key component to your success and your personal warehouse full of items that people want and need. Rather than using conventional methods of product advertising and distribution, multi-level marketing companies utilize independent distributors like yourself to market and sell their products. This saves the MLM company substantial sums in advertising campaigns and opens the door for determined and business-minded people to get a slice of the pie for their efforts.

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the MLM abbreviation, but what is MLM in terms of a business model? MLM companies have been around for decades; however, it wasn’t until the introduction of the internet when MLM companies became more mainstream.

So, what is a multi-level marketing company? Some well-known and Fortune 500 MLM companies in this sector include, but are not limited to:

• Amway
• Avon
• Herbalife
• Nu Skin
• Shaklee

What is a Multi-Level Marketing Business and How Does it Work?

Can you make money with MLM? A lot of people are currently enjoying working from home and earning money, so yes, you can make money with an MLM business. An MLM business can best be described as a home-based business and legal method to receive compensation for your marketing efforts to sell products that MLM companies provide. Marketing methods deployed by MLM companies are known as networking. Networking allows you to market products across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Wayfair, LinkedIn, and others.

Once you become an affiliate for an MLM company, you will have access to all of their products and be issued a corresponding affiliate link. Affiliate links are product codes that you can hyperlink or anchor text into either simple FB posts or by writing reviews and articles about the product via guest posts or by posting them on your blog. When readers click on your affiliate link, they’re redirected to the company’s product page. When they buy the product, you get paid a commission on the sale.

How Do Multi-Level Marketing Levels Work?

One of the most lucrative aspects of MLM marketing is the different marketing levels that pay you. For example, by using the pyramid structure, it allows you to recruit people directly under you and every time they make a sale you also get paid a small percentage.

Furthermore, the people they introduce under them will also be applied to your income stream. From a business standpoint, there’s no limit to the number of levels that you can get paid for, which is the definition of multilevel marketing and all the more reason to get started today.

Launch Your MLM Business With Trinity Software

Starting a successful MLM business will require an easy way to track your sales, customer and client’s contact information, storing affiliate links, datasheets, analytical information, and set parameters for your sales force. Getting started in MLM can be overwhelming and stressful at best, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Trinity Software, our flagship product is called Firestorm. It is a highly innovative platform that was engineered and designed to address these specific needs sought out by everyday people just like yourself who are looking to start an MLM business the right way. Trinity Software is a pioneer in the MLM industry, and we’ve been helping people and multi-million dollar MLM corporations for more than 25 years. If you are serious about starting an MLM business, contact us today and take your income stream to multiple levels.

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Video Transcription

What is MLM?

Hi everybody! My name is Jerry Reynolds, the President of Trinity Software Incorporated. And we’re here today to talk about what is an MLM. A lot of people are asking this question online – if you’re watching this video, you’re one of them. So, we’re here to answer that question for you.


Base MLM Concept

Alright everyone, as we begin to answer the question, “what is multilevel marketing,” I’m going to start at the very base level, and then we’re going to build into these other things, and I’ll show you how those relate to multilevel marketing.  So, multilevel marketing should be a self-explanatory term for you, but I’m going to draw it out for you on the board.  You’ve all seen this drawing before – this is like a running joke. It’s on a napkin in a restaurant, right? But it’s a good example of how an organization is built on people who are referring people, ok? So, you say “multilevel,” – what is it? What ends up happening is as an organization grows, it naturally grows into levels, ok? So, if you’re starting to build an organization, as you refer other people, this becomes your front line. They are directly underneath you. This is your “level one.” As those folks begin to refer others, it organically grows into your next level – your “level two.” As these refer others, it grows into your “level three.” These levels, and this is typically “level zero” or it’s “level you.” So, as you refer people, and they refer, and they refer, the organization naturally grows out into this level structure, ok? There’s many different kinds of structures – that’s for another video that we’ll shoot later and you can watch. But this is the base concept, ok?

Why MLM?

So why would you do multilevel marketing. Well, the reason is because you can earn money as people refer others and buy product, the company will pay commissions through this structure, and then you can end up earning money on people you don’t even know.