Training Overview

Training is crucial to your success as a company!
Firestorm® is the most flexible system on the market and as such, requires corporate personnel to understand the system to be able to manage the company’s compensation plan effectively. Successful network marketing companies seeking growth and profitability rely on Firestorm® MLM Software for managing their operations.

The Firestorm® Training Course

The Firestorm® Training Course is designed for those who will be running day to day operations of the system. It is a 5-day course ranging from MLM industry concepts and business processes to system administration and advanced configuration methods. Courses are taught with a live instructor and can be given at customer facilities* or at Trinity Software’s corporate offices. A copy of the Firestorm® Use and Operations manual and Training handbooks are included for each paid attendee. A live system is provided for trainee practice and interaction when training is performed at our facilities.

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DAY 1: Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Sales Concepts

Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Sales Industry Overview, Corporate and Web Based Commonalities, Basic Compensation Structure (Pay Plan) Types, Commissions Payout Methods, Software Technology in the MLM Industry

DAY 2: Firestorm® Overview, Layout and Process Flow Concepts Firestorm®

Manual and System Introduction, Firestorm® Corporate Business Processes,
Firestorm® Website Functionality.

DAY 3: Firestorm® Use and Operations

Customer Service, Enrollments, Order Entry, Recurring Orders (Auto-Ship), Management,
Trouble Ticket Management, Order Payment Processing, Order Shipping and Fulfillment

DAY 4: Firestorm® Use and Operations (continued)

Inventory Management and Configuration, Vendors and Purchase Orders, Corporate Processing and Commissions, Checks and Accounting, System Tools for General Maintenance & Configuration, Corporate Reports

DAY 5: Firestorm® Advanced System Configuration and Administration

Global System Configuration, Report Manager Administration, Security Manager and Configuration Manager, Enterprise Manager and the Sequel Server Database, Firestorm® MTS Components and System Log Files

The Firestorm® Training Pricing

Firestorm® Training Course – Includes instructor, training curriculum, training handbook
plus live system interaction for trainee practice sessions:
$349.00 per attendee per day (3 person minimum)

*Travel expenses are not included

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