Some things to think about.

Ten Great Reasons Every Business Should Blog

Blogging can be a very valuable tool for your business to engage in and help your target audience. It’s just the way it is now.

So if you don’t have a blog, you might want to start one. The most frequent response I get when I speak to companies about this would be, “We don’t have time.” I can understand that it does take time each month, but the ROI can be huge. So start simple, go read some blogs from your industry and get inspired. It only takes a little effort per month to start a great blog that can take its place in your industry. It’s easy to be helpful to customers after all, you’re an expert!

Here are a few reasons to start blogging ASAP:

Your blog can boost your site’s SEO.

Search engines love them for many reasons. This will move you up the results page dramatically after the search engines index your content.

Customers get connected.

People want to be a part of something. They love to connect! It can be a big boost for customer retention. If the only connection a customer has with you is your product, well, that can be short lived; but if people feel a deeper connection with you and come on a journey with your company, then you are building a life-long member instead of a “here today, gone tomorrow” customer. Note: You don’t have to allow the public to comment, but it can be helpful if you moderate it.

You are an EXPERT.

If you can post regularly and have helpful or relevant information in your blog, people will recognize you as an expert and trust you as a reliable source. They will start sending others to your blog, quoting you and sharing pages with their social networks. But don’t make the same mistake so many companies do by writing ONLY about THEIR products and features. Create helpful or educational posts about topics that are closely related to your company or products. People love informative, helpful blog posts that encourage them to move forward in what they are doing. For example, if you sell soup, you might write a fun post about ‘THE HISTORY OF THE SPOON’. You can add a lot more traffic to your site by widening your content appeal; yet keep it relative to your industry. If you sell clothing, you could write a post called ‘HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET’ or even post something to help an even wider target ‘WHAT MAKES A GREAT LEADER?’. Trust me, becoming a resource for people brings them back to your website, and the odds of them buying or sharing just went up! Even those that don’t buy right away know about you and your products.

More customers!

According to a HubSpot survey, 60% of businesses that have a blog bring in more customers. That’s just good to know, right?

You get a real voice.

You can share and speak about news in your industry and company. People can learn what you’re really all about.

You need a hub for all your marketing content.

The blog will feed content to other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

A content marketing strategy will emerge.

A Blog helps you create, define and focus on a Content Marketing Strategy. It makes you see the importance of your outgoing communications. So you grow even more in this area.

Free PR.

After you’re established, you might get some calls about interviews with journalists and other related industry. Free Press!

Cost-effective investment.

Good content can last a long, long time, helping you and your business grow and easier to be found online. It becomes a long-term asset.

Blog analytics!

You can see what people are reading in your blog and gain important information on what people need, and what to do next.

Final Thought

These are just a few of the ways that a blog can make an impact on your business: you are networking, creating a better company image, taking a better position in search rankings and much more! Blogging can be a key part of your Content Strategy, and well worth the time invested.