Firestorm Support

Expert Support, Free Upgrades, Version Support, Tailored Support Options, In-House Monthly Support Options

Expert Support

A support agreement entitles the customer to technical phone support for the product that the customer purchased through approved channels. Our technicians have been intimately involved in the creation of our products and know them better than anyone. Our support team has direct access to the software engineers that designed and implemented all of our products, ensuring that you will get an answer, every time! When you call our support department, you will be talking to someone who not only knows the software, but also knows the direct sales industry. This combination of knowledge allows our technicians to communicate effectively and precisely with you while troubleshooting an issue.

Free Upgrades

When a new version is released, a monthly support agreement entitles the customer to receive new versions at no additional charge. Upgrades are available via the web site by downloading the appropriate file(s); upgrades are also available on CD-ROM; customers using the CD-ROM option are assessed a $25 fee plus shipping charges and, if applicable, state sales tax. If a client chooses to have Trinity Software perform the upgrade, hourly rates will apply for the time to perform the upgrade. The LICENSEE must use all copies of the software in compliance with the license agreement that was signed by the LICENSEE when the software was originally purchased.

Support Access

Trinity Software will support customers via e-mail, the web and telephone. Support is provided 8:00AM – 5:00PM Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Extended support hours are available at an additional cost. Our technicians utilize Microsoft Remote Desktop in order to be able to connect directly to our customer’s servers for maintenance. It is just like having an expert on site, without the wait!

Supported Versions

Trinity Software will support the current released version of a product associated with the support agreement. Trinity Software will also support any version for a minimum of one year after it has been retired, ensuring your company plenty of time to upgrade to the newest version. Trinity Software may at its sole discretion, support versions of the product older than one year – depending on customer needs.

For In-House Systems, Price and Length of Support Contract can be Tailored

A support agreement price will be determined at time of product purchase and will begin on the day that Trinity Software receives a payment from the customer. The duration of the support agreement can be tailored to meet your support needs as well as your budget requirements! Most companies need more support during the first 6 months until they become comfortable with the software. As support needs decline, the support agreement can be adjusted accordingly on the agreement renewal date.

Support Options

Per-Incident Support: In order to provide the most flexible support options in the industry, Trinity Software also provides support on a per incident basis! For one fixed fee, our technicians will solve your problem or the call is free! There are no time limits when our technicians are working with you. We will continue to work until the problem is solved, period. If the problem is determined to be a defect in a Trinity Software product, the customer will not be charged for the support incident.

Save Money with Support-Paks! Support may be purchased in money saving packages. The minimum support-pak size is 5 incidents and larger packages may be customized to fit your needs! Support-pak incidents are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Rates for per-incident support are provided in the chart below.




Single Incident


Provides unlimited support for the resolution of a single support incident

5 incident Support-Pak


Provides unlimited support for 5 single incidents

Each Additional Incident added to a Support-Pak


Provides unlimited support for the resolution of a single support incident


Per-Incident support will be paid in advance for support to be provided. A credit card is required and MasterCard and Visa are the accepted forms payment.