Soft-Launch in 5 Days!

Your business could actually fund itself.

You’ve talked to all the other legitimate Enterprise Class providers and none of them can offer you a solution to your problem…





You are starting a new MLM or Party Plan Company and you would love to launch ASAP!

You need the ability to start signing up new representatives, give them the ability to start building their organizations, collect money, ship product and pay a Fast Start Bonus. You need to build momentum and excitement because you know it greatly increases your chances of success. You’ve talked to all the other legitimate Enterprise Class providers and none of them can offer you a solution to your problem.

Be operational for enrollments within 5 days
Representatives get a replicating Join Page to sign-up Reps.
Representatives get a limited back-office to manage their team and watch their commissions grow
Pay out Fast Start Bonuses, collect funds and ship product to sign-up Reps.

Soft-Launch Module

Need to get launched in a hurry?

This package can be added to any of our platforms and will allow you to begin to take enrollments as quickly as possible.




Soft Launch

Includes limited setup to allow enrollments to occur before the main system is ready for launch.

No commission payouts are included. No rank management functionality is included. Single static IP address Integration of your website with the enrollment page provided by Firestorm®. Replicated website for members, based on your website. Setup of your merchant account within the Firestorm® system. Limited web office will be provided for members that will allow viewing of their genealogy and managing their personal contact information for their replicated website.

Soft Launch w/1 commission

Includes limited setup to allow enrollments to occur before the main system is ready to launch. This includes a single commission payout paying up the sponsorship tree, 1 or more levels.

All features of the regular Soft Launch -PLUS- A single commission payout is included that will pay 1 or more upline levels. All admin functionality required to physically print and manage checks will also be available.

* All funds paid for this service are in addition to any other fees and will not be credited for any other purpose.


The success of a soft launch is greatly dependent on your company being prepared with all required information so our launch team is not waiting on you. If your team is responsive and has everything ready that they are responsible for (detailed in the required items table below), it is possible to get your system up within 5 business days. Again, this time frame is predicated on your team having their pieces ready. Any delays introduced by your company not providing these items in a timely manner will directly affect your go-live for your soft launch.

Required Items

The following information will be requested from your team in order to do a soft launch successfully. These items are critical to the proper operation of the system and your soft launch cannot go live until ALL of these items are in place.
If you have any questions about the required items, please contact your sales representative, click here.



Web Site

Your web developer will be responsible for creating this web site, which must be hosted in our facility. Our system will host any .NET or .htm web pages. (Any other format is not supported)

Merchant Account

You will obtain a valid merchant account to be used for credit card processing, and provide us with the appropriate security credentials to allow our system to communicate with your provider. You must use a company that Firestorm® already has a driver for. As the drivers available continually change, please contact our sales department for a complete listing of available drivers.

Terms and Conditions

Provide by your qualified attorney. You must provide this to our team in either .htm format or as a word document.

Domain Name

You must obtain a domain name through a registrar, such as or a similar service. You must be able to edit the “A” record for their DNS.

SSL Certificate

If you wish to use secure connections for your enrollment page, you must provide an SSL for your domain purchased through or a similar service.

Enrollment Ranks

You must define the ranks that new members will enroll at. You may define up to 3. (Remember that during the soft launch period, whatever rank a person enrolls at will not change. No promotion or demotions will occur)

Enrollment Products

Define the products that can be purchased to enroll in your company. You may define up to 6.

Shipping Rates

Define shipping rates for your products. If zone based shipping is desired, the appropriate module must be purchased with your system.

Commission Payment Definition (as required)

If your soft launch package includes a commission payout, you must define exactly how this will work. This payout will pay 1 or more levels up the sponsorship tree and must fit into the standard Firestorm® commission engines. (coding, differential or custom payouts are not supported during soft launch)


A laser printer that is supported by Windows remote desktop. Generally any HP Laserjet will work, but you will need to confirm that it is supported by Windows Server 2008 or higher.

Check Stock (as required, for commission payments)

Only physical checks are supported during soft launch. You must make sure you have appropriate check stock on hand to actually print the checks. If magnetic toner is required by your financial institution, you must have that as well.


Your team will provide us with the images required to brand your enrollment page and web office. Our team will send you exact specifications for these images.

Sales Tax Rates

You must either enter sales tax rates for the areas you will be collecting sales tax, or purchase a sales tax module.