Social Media Integration in MLM Business

Advanced MLM Software Capabilities

Every day across the globe, new users are signing onto social media sites with millions who are already active posters and buyers. For example, Facebook receives a staggering amount of traffic each month with over a billion active users and new registrations signing up every hour of the day. So, the million-dollar question becomes, can You Use MLM Software with a Social Media Integration? 

So, if any of the following questions are you, read on! We’re diving into these questions to unpack five ways that business owners can sell more products and track sales with ease.

  • How do you get your products in front of such a large audience and sell it to them while keeping track of your commissions?
  • How can business owners take advantage of a social media integration when it comes to boosting sales and tracking product performance down to the individual link level?
  • Do all E-commerce systems offer social media integrations? Will my system support this?
  • What is Social Media Integration? How does it work with websites and E-commerce stores?
  • What’s the best way to share product links for my E-commerce business AND track attribution.
  • Why would you want to track your products’ link-attribution?
  • How can I pay proper commissions for social sharing related purchases?

5 Ways to Sell More Products & Track Sales like a Boss with Social Media Integration

1. Growing Your E-commerce Business with Advanced MLM Software

The first way is quite simple. Advanced MLM software that includes social media integration is the best way to track your commissions as well as paying them properly. For businesses that utilize social media e-commerce, their followers are always growing and accessible.

Therefore, it’s important to remember, when it comes to choosing a system that has MLM software capabilities for e-commerce platforms, not all systems can do this, but great ones like Trinity Software’s Firestorm does.

2. Spread The Word with a Social Media Integration

Social media integration includes programs that have MLM software capabilities already built into them. They are capable of handling and keeping track of all of your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. The convenience is having one platform that allows you to post across multiple social media platforms all at the same time or set parameters for scheduled posting.

3. More Powerful E-commerce System & Support

E-commerce businesses with MLM software capabilities can launch your MLM business to the next level by using referrals from social media. Since e-commerce is directly impacted by the success of MLM businesses, it’s imperative for multi-level marketing companies to have the ability to conduct business transactions electronically, both over the phone and online.

Therefore, for any MLM business to be successful, they must have the right software applications for e-commerce. Businesses with advanced MLM software for e-commerce are streamlining their operations and gaining an edge on their competitors that are competing in the same market space.

When making a decision on the right e-commerce software for your MLM business, it’s also vital to see if it includes the features that will streamline and promote the sales of your goods. E-commerce software should easily integrate with the current software programs that you are using as well as include the following key characteristics:

  • User-friendly
  • Elegant design
  • Reliable and accurate analytical data
  • Simple dashboard navigation
  • Supports link-attribution

4. Use Link-Attribution for Social Media Sharing and E-commerce Tracking

The integration of social media in an e-commerce platform will display products that feature easy-click buttons. It can automatically post to other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several others. This makes it easy to share your product links and track attribution while properly keeping track of your commissions as well as the ones you payout.

What is Link-Attribution?

Simply defined, link-attribution is a Google analytical feature that recognizes the difference between identical links posted on the same site. Each attribution link is embedded with codes that when a purchase is made, the original consult will receive the commission from the sale. It works on the same premise as an affiliate link; however, with enhanced MLM software capabilities like Firestorm, you can easily see the data for the links that are receiving the most clicks.

Link-attribution easily attributes purchases to the original consultant who posted the link. It allows you to pay your commissions properly and streamline your link attribution. A well-designed social media integration will always include a link-attribution.

5. Leverage the Power of Firestorm and Grow Your E-commerce Business.

The best way to grow your MLM business is to partner with a software company that understands direct selling integration with social media platforms. In order to grow your direct selling business, you need advanced MLM software such as Firestorm.

Here at Trinity Software, we are committed to providing the best software applications to streamline and grow direct selling businesses. Firestorm is our flagship software specifically designed for e-commerce direct sales through social media platforms. Contact us today to schedule a free Firestorm demo and see how we can implement link attribution into your MLM business model to streamline and boost your direct sales.

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Video Transcription

Welcome back to our discussion about advanced capabilities that are required for any MLM software system.

Defining Social Media Integration

The first thing I want to talk about is social media integration. Social media, as you all know, can be used to literally explode the growth of a company. And when it’s done properly and integrated properly in your e-commerce solution, it can dynamically help your company really just get off the ground and really get rolling through the use of just exponential referrals that come in through social media. The social media integration in your e-commerce platform, typically the way it’s going to work is when a product’s displayed on a page there will be buttons that you can click to do an easy post to whichever social media service that you desire. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and dozens of others through a company called Share This. You can do all of those right from those product page.

Attributing Social Media Related Purchases

The links will be attributed to the person who owns the website. Now what does that mean? In our industry, there’s a concept called replicated websites which we will talk about more in just a minute. But basically, it’s one of your consultants owns a website that is referencing your product. When a social media post is clicked from their replicated website, the link that is put up on say Facebook will contain attribution information which will make sure that when that order comes in, someone clicks it on Facebook, they come back to the shopping cart, and they just decide to buy the product – that means that that purchase is going to be attributed to the original consultant who posted the link. So that means you as a company will be able to pay them commissions properly. The order will be attributed to them for qualification in the compensation plan or any other thing that they may need to have orders flowing through. A good social media integration will always, always have that capability.