Most Americans are viewing hundreds of web pages every day and spending an average of 23.6 hours online per week. Creating an enjoyable online experience for your customer through intentional design of your website and superb product photography will set your business apart in this digital age. And it’s very clear that standing out online and providing a fantastic user experience leads to improved sales across the board.

It’s clear that having a clean, user friendly website encourages sales. But most new MLM businesses do not have an experienced web design team on staff to take on such a large project of getting your website where it needs to be. In the video below, Dino Gilley, the Art Director at Trinity Software, explains how we can take web design, product photography and shopping cart optimization off of your plate and boost your sales.


Intentional Web Design 

Providing your new and returning customers with an excellent experience on your website begins with a thoroughly planned, intentional design. The goal is to guide your customer through their shopping experience in such a way that they seamlessly transition from browsing your products to purchasing them. You can persuade a customer to add more products to their shopping cart simply by utilizing tools like custom branding and advertising banners.

Optimizing Your Shopping Cart

You have to consider your customer’s buying experience when you launch your business into the e-commerce world. To reach that extra level of success you must engage in shopping cart optimization. What content would you like to present to your customer during the purchasing route? How would you like to guide them through the payment process? These are questions we can help you answer during our initial discovery call as we begin to design your optimized shopping cart and website.

The Importance of Excellent Product Photography

With only one chance to make a first impression, making sure that your product photos are clean, crisp and professional is crucial. Now is not the time to grab your iPhone camera and take matters into your own hands. We can shoot your product catalogue images and hero shots so that they add exponential value to your overall web design.

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Contact Trinity Software today to discuss our intentional design process, our shopping cart optimization services and our superior product photography assistances.


Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Dino Gilley. I’m the art director here at Trinity Software. And in this video, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about intentional design. Now where that comes into play is my wheelhouse here is to create webpages, photography, to help our clients really leverage the system that we’re giving them.


So, where does that come into play? Well, we understand that most of our clients are very busy or they don’t have someone on staff to do this. So, when you have a shopping cart, it’s not something that’s just haphazardly put up. You put your products up. No, there needs to be more planning and intentional design there. So, what we do is we realized early on is that we need to provide a service where we meet with the client, we have a discovery call, talk about their desires. And we help initiate their brand into the website and help them to get banners and graphics and the whole experience together, their content, and create a custom shopping cart for the client.


Now, if you have someone who does that on staff, that’s great too! We’ll work with them and help them out as well. So, this whole experience will guide the shopper through your shopping cart in the directions you want them to flow. And convert them from just a visitor looking at products into someone who can purchase.


So, with all of that said, we begin to realize, not only is this important with the shopping experience, the website experience, but also with the product photography. We saw so many clients who had a great idea, a great business, a great company, and their products where awesome, but their product photography was lackluster. I’ve seen some things where people just use the phone to create dark photos of their product. Beautiful packaging, but the photo was just under exposed, or just didn’t look good, or bad angle. So again, it’s in our wheelhouse. Everyone on my team is an experienced photographer. So, we decided to make that a service we provide.


So, you know with photography, product photography, you only have one chance at a first impression. Kind of the handshake of your product. So, you want to make sure that those look great. And as I’ve said, I’ve seen it all – dark photos, bad angles, just really photographs that you don’t want to have up. But it’s because of time. You don’t have the time, a lot of clients they don’t have an on-staff photographer. So again, that’s in our wheelhouse. We will help you!


So, if you have products that need to be shot, we can do that. We can use props with them. We can do just nice, clean white background catalogue shots, we can do some hero shots, anything that you really need. To go back into the web design aspect of it, we do banners, advertising banners with your products with great backgrounds. Anything is possible. So again, we’re here, this department is here for you to help you to be the success that you truly want to be.


And just to reiterate, you don’t want to just put products up, any photos up and just have a shopping cart that doesn’t have any pages in it or any content. That’s not what you want. You want to really engage the person who’s viewing the website and you want to give them something that they can grab ahold of. Something that they can see and something that they enjoy and something that is beautiful.


So, you can have a great company, a great product, but unless you create an experience online in your shopping cart and in your pages and with your photography of your product, it’s just going to be lacking. So, to get that extra, extra level of success, you need to engage someone like myself and my team to help take you there. Thank you.