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Over the years Trinity Software has distributed many press releases for the Firestorm® MLM Software system and our support services, providing valuable news information to the Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Sales industry media on a regular basis. Trinity Software continues to make announcements about new features and our press releases are available below for you to review at any time. Check back often as we have many new and exciting announcements coming soon! You will hear about them here first!

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What Is Social Selling? – The Party Plan Model Explained

How Does Social Selling Work in the Real World? Social Selling works by influencing your social networks in order to find the right prospects, which in turn, builds a trusted business relationship and your credibility. The party plan model is an MLM application for direct sales. It works by hosting social events where products are marketed and sold. This innovative approach to direct sales is also known as social selling. Let’s discuss how to run a successful Social Selling business!

What Are The MLM Models? – MLM Compensation

MLM compensation models are an important aspect of understanding how network marketing compensation plans work and just like other successful business models? MLM compensation models are designed with a specific purpose, and each one can be an additional revenue...

What is MLM? Does Multi-Level Marketing Work?

Many forward-thinking individuals who are looking for answers to what is MLM (multi-level marketing) are also looking at the news in today’s economy, which indicates that we are faced with uncertain times. The business industry is changing fast and fueled by changes...

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