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Over the years Trinity Software has distributed many press releases for the Firestorm® MLM Software system and our support services, providing valuable news information to the Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Sales industry media on a regular basis. Trinity Software continues to make announcements about new features and our press releases are available below for you to review at any time. Check back often as we have many new and exciting announcements coming soon! You will hear about them here first!

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Responsive, Mobile Friendly Websites for MLM Companies

Having a mobile friendly website for MLM companies in today’s competitive marketplace is more imperative than ever before. If your multi-level marketing website isn’t mobile friendly, you may be losing sales to those that are. Customers who shop online with their mobile devices, in most cases, will not spend a lot of time on a website that is difficult to navigate or make any purchases on it.

Easily Integrate Your Direct Selling Business with External Systems

Trinity Software’s open API provides e commerce integrations with third party developers to connect and communicate with external ERP systems running webshop platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Facebook just to name a few, and there are literally thousands of them....

MLM Compensation Plans – 4 MLM Comp Models You Need to Know About

Advanced compensation models are an important component to the success of any multi-level marketing business. When it comes to choosing a software package, the one you that you end up with needs to be able to handle any type of mlm compensation plan and model structure that’s currently available in the industry. With plenty of comp models to choose from (the binary compensation plan, unilevel compensation plans, forced matrix, party plan and etc.), deciding on an advanced compensation model that will support your business is a critical decision.  What’s more, which of these comp models has the most flexibility in terms of integrating with your MLM software? Let’s discuss.

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