Web Office Tool – Set Up A Party

This tool provides a clear and simple process for setting up a party in the web back office. Presented in a simple to follow “Step 1, 2, 3” format, distributors will love this tool love for its clean presentation and quick response.

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  • Step 1 – Select a Party Type – Distributors choose from a list of party types that you have defined. If this party is a booking, the user will select a booking reference party from a list.
  • Step 2 – Select A Host – All existing hosts are presented in a list. A new host may also be created during this step.
  • Step 3 – Select A Date and Time – Entry of the date and time the party will be held. As some parties are Virtual in nature, entry of a time is optional.
  • Step 4 – Enter A Party Location – Enter the physical address of the party. Single click shortcuts exist for host’s address and distributor’s address. (Virtual parties will default to the host’s address)
  • Step 5 – Select and Personalize Your E-Vite – A list of available E-vites are presented to the user along with a preview tool.  A full HTML Editor is made available to allow the distributor to personalize the E-vite.
  • Step 6 – Complete! – That’s all there is to it! Your party is now created and ready to accept orders.
  • Guest Setup – Your distributor will have the option of pre-entering guest information if they desire to do so.

Web Office Tool – Party Central

This tool provides the starting point for all further interaction with an active party. Using this tool makes managing your parties a snap! Every function available to a distributor relating to a party is accessible from this central point. Since all of the steps necessary to take a party from creation to close are started from this screen, your distributors have a single starting point for any party task they need to accomplish.

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  • Create a New Party – Clicking a single button will take the distributor directly to the “Set Up A Party” tool
  • Manage an Existing Party – All a distributor’s parties are presented in a color coded list showing party status, party number, event date, and host name to make selection easy and intuitive.
  • View Guest List – A list of invited guests is presented along with: contact information, dates showing when an E-Vite was sent, and what their response was.
  • Edit a Guest Record – Any guest record may be edited with the click of a button.
  • Email a Guest – Guests that have a valid email address may be emailed directly from this screen.
  • Create a New Guest Record – Distributors have the ability to create a new guest record directly from this screen.
  • Invite / Uninvite Guests – New guests can be invited or uninvited with the click of a button.
  • View E-Vite Responses – Each guest’s response to the E-Vite is displayed directly, along with the date the last E-Vite was sent.
  • Resend E-Vites – A guest did not respond to or get an E-Vite? The E-Vite can be resent with the click of a button.
  • View Bookings – All booking ties to the party being viewed are displayed in a list along with relevant information about the booking.
  • Set up a New Booking – If a new booking comes in for a party, clicking a button will take you to the screen for entering a new booking.
  • View Orders – All orders that have been processed for this party are displayed in a clear and simple-to-read list format.
  • Enter New Orders – Need to enter new orders for a party? One click takes you to the correct screen to enter them quickly and easily.
  • View a Host Award Order – Have you entered the host’s award order yet? Click this button to view the host order detail.
  • Enter a Host Award Order – If no host award has been entered, clicking a button will launch the host award wizard and walk you through redeeming all awards for which the host qualified.
  • Close a Party – Once everything is completed for a party, clicking a button will close the party and notify the company that orders are ready to be processed and shipped.

Web Office Tool – Party Order History

This tool provides a central point to review and manage all orders that occur in a distributor’s organization. It also provides a global view of all the order activity that is taking place within a user specified date range. Comprehensive information is presented in a quick and easy to use format, allowing your distributors to manage their activity effectively and efficiently.

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  • Date Range – The report will run automatically for the current month time period. However, your distributor can run this report for any time period by selecting a starting date and an ending date.
  • Statistics for Selected Date Range – This report will track summary information for all orders pulled by date range. Information includes: total number of orders, total retail value, total wholesale value, total commissionable value, and total price paid.
  • Sections – The Order History report is broken up into specific sections: Personal Orders, Party Orders, Customer Orders, and Affiliate Orders. Any section that is not relevant to your company can be suppressed through simple configuration.
  • Party Sales Numbers – Each order is presented with total Retail value and Wholesale value along with the spread for the order. This allows your distributors to quickly view their retail profit on each order.
  • Party Summary Information – Along with sales information, other vital information about each order is also presented including: order date, guest’s name, ship to name, party number, shipper, and tracking number.
  • Order Status – Each order is presented with its current status, indicating where it is in your company’s fulfillment process.
  • Hold Status – If an order had to be placed on hold for any reason (ie: credit card was possibly fraudulent ), this status is clearly indicated by a special icon. This is important as orders on hold do not count towards volume credit or for qualification purposes.
  • Order Detail – The full detail of an order may be viewed by clicking the order number. The system will pull all of the line item detail and present it in a clear and easy-to-read format.
  • Tracking Number – When tracking numbers are loaded into the system, they are presented as a clickable link that will take the user directly to the shipper’s website. This functionality is provided for all shippers that support package tracking over the web.
  • Receipt Reprints – Order receipts can be reprinted directly from this screen with the click a single link. Special care has been taken to give your distributors the ability to reprint a guest receipt that shows retail pricing along with all relevant party information. This function is vital for instances where the distributor purchases the product at wholesale price and re-sells it to the guest at retail. The consultant also has the ability to reprint an receipt for the order that shows the pricing that they paid (ie: wholesale). Each type of receipt is clearly indicated to prevent any errors.

Web Office Tool – Generational Genealogy

Many party plan companies include a generational aspect to their compensation plans. A generation is generally defined as the point in a downline where another distributor is at the same or higher rank than the distributor viewing the report.

Also known as a “Breakaway” plan, it is important for your distributors to be able to view their downline as a set of generations so they can understand exactly how they will be paid on each person in their downline. This tool gives them the ability to do just that. Their personal group is presented along with each successive generation grouped separately. There is no limit to the number of generations that can be shown. Each person’s personal retail for the current month and prior month is shown. Each generation also shows a grand total of retail volume.

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  • Quick Summary – At the top of the report, the system presents a summary of the personal retail sales by generation for the current month and the prior month. A grand total is presented at the bottom of this section
  • Generation Start Can Be Included In Prior Group – Normally a distributor who marks the starting point for a generation is part of that generation (this is the default behavior of the system). Firestorm allows you the flexibility through a simple configuration to remove that person from the generation and include them in the personal group of the prior distributor.
  • Distributor Information – Each distributor is displayed in the list with their ID number, full name, pay rank, and status.
  • Retail Totals – Each distributor’s personal retail totals for the current month and prior month are presented next to their name.
  • Generational Totals – Each generation presented will have a grand total of current month retail and prior month retail presented at the bottom of the generation.

Web Office Tool – Party Guest Activity Report

This unique tool gives your distributors a view into the ordering habits of their guests, allowing your distributor to identify potential prospects that they should be focusing on in their selling efforts at the next party.

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  • Hosts – the report is grouped by all of the hosts that have been set up in the system by the distributor. Each host is presented with their contact information and the date of their last party.
  • Guests By Host – Every guest that was invited to a party by a particular host is presented in a list format beneath that host. Each guest listing is accompanied by address, phone and email contact information.
  • Product History for Each Guest – If a guest has ever ordered from a party given by the selected host, a link is presented that can be opened up to show a complete listing of every product ever purchased by that guest. The listing includes an image of the product, along with SKUs and product descriptions.
  • Last Date Product Was Ordered – This report shows: each product listed for a guest, the date that it was last purchased, and the quantity of the item.
  • Order Receipt Reprints – For each product listed, the report will show every order from that guest containing that product. By clicking on the order number, a printable receipt containing full order details will come up.

Web Office Tool – Party Host Activity Report

Having a solid group of party hosts is crucial to the success of your distributors. In order to manage their hosts properly, your distributors need to know exactly how well they are performing so that they know where to focus their efforts. This report provides exactly the information they need to be able to do just that!

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  • Run by Time Period – This report will default to the current month but may be run for any time period by entering a start and end date.
  • Period Summary for All Hosts – The top of the report includes a section that summarizes the activity of all of the distributor’s active hosts for the selected period.
  • Statistics for Each Host – The system will calculate several performance statistics for each host. Stats for each host include: number of parties, number of bookings, number of guests invited, average number of guests per party, total number of orders, average number of orders per party, total retail, average retail per party, number of parties, number of guests, number of orders, and total retail.

Web Office Tool – Product Sales Activity Report

Want to know which products are selling like hotcakes and which ones are not? This report gives your distributors a view into their organization at the product level. Each product that has been sold during the selected time will be presented in a list format that is concise and easy to read. The listing can be sorted and displayed any way you choose!/p>

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  • Run by Time Period – This report will default to the current month but may be run for any time period by entering a start and end date.
  • Sortable – The report may be sorted by any column presented in the list in either ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A) order.
  • Each SKU Presented Separately – For every SKU that has had at least 1 order during the time period, a line will appear in the report displaying the SKU and description along with stats for that SKU.
  • Statistics – Each SKU will be presented with the following period specific sales information: total quantity sold, date of last sale, total retail value, average number of units per party, and average retail value per party.

Web Office Tool – Manage Party Order Batch

As most of us know, no job is complete until the paperwork is done! The same is true for a party. When the party is over, your distributor will use this tool to enter any party orders. In an effort to make it easy to do the “paperwork”, this tool has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use and is packed with features and shortcuts to enable your distributor to do everything they need to get orders in quickly and efficiently.

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  • Orders Entered as a Batch – Your distributor will key their party orders into a batch, giving them the ability to not only create new orders but edit existing ones. Having this capability will allow your distributors to tweak orders until everything is just the way they want.
  • Payment for Orders – Orders can be paid forby the guest by entering their credit card information on the order. Consultants may also opt to enter the order as a “Consultant Pay” order. This will order the product at wholesale prices and will collect payment from the distributor for all orders flagged as consultant pay.
  • Consultant Pay – The distributor has the option to pay for as many guest orders in the batch as they want to. The total amount required (at wholesale prices) will be calculated and presented to the distributor as an amount due for the orders in the batch flagged as consultant pay. The distributor will enter their payment information one time for all orders. Their credit card will be charged a single time for all consultant pay orders in the batch.
  • Party Guest List – Each person who was invited to the party will be presented in a list which has indicators to show if an order has been placed for that guests or not. This helps your distributor keep track of where they are in the order entry process.
  • Guest Quick Add – If the distributor did not pre-enter guest information before having the party, this tool is provided as a quick and easy way to enter a guest record. Only the first name an last name are required to enter the guest.
  • Entering An Order – Simply select the guest you desire to enter an order for and click the “Place New Order” button to enter the guest’s order into the batch. Each guest can have one or more orders, as desired.
  • Edit An Order – Until the order is successfully processed, it may be edited to update or change anything, including product selection.
  • Pending / Processed Orders – A list of all orders entered into the batch are presented along with their status and value (Retail/Wholesale/Spread). If an order has not yet been processed, the distributor may choose to edit the order and change anything they need to, including product selection by clicking on the “Edit” button next to the order.
  • Validate the Batch – This feature is used to have the system look over the batch to make sure that all steps have been accomplished. If there is a problem with any of the orders, the system will flag that order along with a message detailing exactly what the issue is so that it can be easily corrected by the distributor.
  • Process the Batch – Once the batch is completed, it will be processed by the system. During this procedure, the system will convert the batch into a set of real orders that are ready to be processed for fulfillment. Credit cards or other payment methods are charged at this stage and if any problems arise (ie: credit card declines) the system will leave the problem order in the batch in an unprocessed state, along with a clear message indicating what the issue is. Your distributor will correct any errors and re-process the batch. All orders that can be processed will be. A batch can be re-processed as many times as necessary.
  • Consultant Payments Applied to Batch – When a consultant’s credit card or other payment method is successfully processed for a number of orders, the payment method and amount charged to that payment method is presented here.

Web Office Tool – Party Order Entry

Entering an order from a party can be a cumbersome process, but not with this tool! Loaded with features to help speed up the order entry process, entering an order has never been easier or more flexible.

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  • Shipping / Billing Addresses Pre-Filled – If the distributor has taken the time to pre-enter the guests information , then they won?t have to do it here! The system will pull the guests information and pre-fill this form for you.
  • Overidable Shipping Address – Even if your party type is configured to ship to a defined location (host or distributor), you can choose to allow this default to be overridden. If the default is overridden, you can configure your Firestorm system to charge an additional drop-ship fee to help recover you additional costs incurred by this selection. Remember: any combination of shipping can be used (ship to host, ship to distributor or ship to guest) if you allow it.
  • Catalog Selection – If only a single catalog is available to order from, this selection will be pre-selected by the system. Of course, an unlimited number of catalogs can be set up if you so desire.
  • Rapid-Add Product to the Order – Your distributor will only need to key in the SKU and quantity for the desired product and click an “Add” button. When the SKU is entered, the system performs a quick lookup to verify that the correct product was selected and will present product description and pricing.
  • SKU Lookup Tool – Provides a pop-up window that lists all available SKUs along with wholesale and retail pricing. Products on sale will also be clearly marked.
  • Shipping Method – Your company has the ability to specify a default shipper to be used during this process. Of course, you may define as many as you want to give your distributors options (if the order is shipping directly to the guest)
  • Order Totals – The system will calculate product totals, sales tax, shipping and handling, other fees, country specific fees and discounts which will be presented in a grid as guest cost AND Consultant cost. This will allow you distributor to know the costs if a guest is paying or if they will be paying for this order (as wholesale)
  • Consultant Pay – To support the way many distributors “do” a party, Firestorm provides a convenient way for the consultant to pay for a guest order themselves. This allows the distributor to sell to a guest at a party at retail price, but place a wholesale order to fulfill it. The guest receipt will always show retail pricing when this payment option is used.
  • Configurable Payment Methods – The system can be set up for standard payment types (credit card, e-check, etc) but can also be configured to support an unlimited number of custom payment types. The order will be designated as guest pay or consultant pay. If Guest pay, then one of the configured payment types will be selected.
  • Edit Order – Anything on an order may be edited (including removing and re-adding product) before the order has been processed.
  • Delete Order – If you need to delete an order before it has been processed, you may do so with the click of a single button.

Web Office Tool – Host Order Wizard

Firestorm allows you to configure your system to have a dynamic host award program that you can change simply and easily. For this to be effective, the web office must provide a simple and intuitive way for a distributor to redeem host awards for the host of the party. This is where the host order wizard shines. Using a wizard like interface, each award that the host has qualified for is presented in a list format that can be optionally redeemed when the order is placed. The wizard performs all necessary calculations concerning award eligibility and takes all the guesswork out of the process!

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  • Unlimited Reward Options – Firestorm allows you to configure an unlimited number of rewards for each party type. This wizard makes redeeming even multiple rewards easy!
  • Wizard Interface – By utilizing an advanced wizard interface, all possibility for errors in eligibility calculations are removed. If a Host is not qualified for an award, then it cannot be redeemed. If they are qualified, then the award is presented to the distributor along with a redemption button.
  • Checking Eligibility – If a distributor wants to check the host’s eligibility for a specific award while entering order for a party, it is possible to jump to the host award tool and see what awards the host is currently qualified for. This allows the distributor to go back to the party order batch and adjust orders as necessary in order to maximize eligibility for a given award!
  • Multiple Catalogs Supported – Since Firestorm is based on the concept of catalogs for maximum flexibility, you can set up different catalogs for host awards, or you can also use your primary catalogs. You choose!

Web Office Tool – Close A Party

When all the paper work is done, its time to close the party. Closing a party locks down the party from accepting further orders and notifies the company that this party’s orders are now ready to be fulfilled.
When a distributor activates this tool, they will be presented with a comprehensive summary of the party, showing all activity that has been input for the party. This will give them a chance to review their work before actually closing out the party. When they are ready to proceed, closing the party is as simple as clicking a single button.

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  • Comprehensive Summary of Activity – Shows total number of orders, number of guests, and number of bookings. Also shows totals for retail, wholesale and commissionable value of all orders placed.
  • Detailed Order Listing – Presents a detailed listing of each order placed, including the host order.
  • One-Click Close – If the distributor is satisfied that all is well, clicking a single button will close the party and release it for processing by the company.
  • Auto Deactivation of Party Website – When the party is closed, the system will automatically deactivate the party specific website.

Web Office Tool – Party Summary

This tool is provided for your distributors as a means to pull a quick look at the activity currently applied to a party. This makes it quick and easy for your distributors to quickly look at the status of a party to see how things are going. This report can also be used to view summaries of parties that are already closed.

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  • Comprehensive Summary of Activity – Shows total number of orders, number of guests, and number of bookings. Also shows totals for retail, wholesale and commissionable value of all orders placed.
  • Detailed Order Listing – Presents a detailed listing of each order placed, including the host order.

Web Office Tool – Party Manager

Created as a tool for advanced users, the party manager tool offers quick access to all of the functions necessary to manage all of the parties a distributor has open. The tool also provides comprehensive listings of all open parties as well as all closed parties. This tool is the go to place to find out any piece of information that a distributor may need concerning a party and also an entry point to perform all of the functions required to manage their parties.

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  • Detailed Listing of Open Parties – Complete listing by party showing current status, event date, host name, E-Vite statistics, close date, number of orders, number of bookings and total volume generated by the party.
  • Detail Listing of Closed Parties – Complete listing of closed parties showing current status, event date, host name, E-Vite statistics, close date, number of orders, number of bookings and total volume generated by the party.
  • Manage Party Orders – By selecting a party from one of the lists, clicking this button will launch the party batch manager tool (described elsewhere on this page) with the selected party displayed.
  • Create Bookings – Selecting a party in the list then clicking this button will launch the booking wizard which will walk the distributor through the process of setting up a booking from the party that was selected from the list.
  • Place Host Orders – Clicking this button will launch the host award order wizard for the party that was selected in the list.
  • Close a Party – Clicking this button will launch the close party tool for the selected party.
  • View Party Summary – Selecting a party from the list and clicking this button will launch the party summary tool.
  • View Order History for a Party – By clicking the party number in the list, the system will open up to display a complete listing of all the orders that were placed against the party (including the host award order)

Web Office Tool – Party Host Manager

This tool was also created for advanced users, providing a central access point for all system functions relating to party hosts. A distributor can view and manage their complete list of party hosts from this tool. Each party host is presented in a list, showing basic stats and information about each host. By selecting a host form the list, this tool provides direct access to many different functions that can be run against the selected host

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  • Set Up New Party for a Host – Setting up a new party for a host is simple with this tool. By selecting a host from the list, clicking this button will launch the party setup tool. This tool provides the exact same functionality as the “Set Up Party” tool described above, but is intended for the more experienced user.
  • Create New Host – allows your distributor to set up a new host by entering all of the host’s personal information.
  • Edit Host – Any host’s personal information can be edited simply by selecting the host from the list and clicking this button.
  • Remove a Host – Using this function will remove a host from the system. Once removed, this host will no longer be available for any other functions.
  • Guest List Management – This tool provides several functions related to guests, including: create new guests, edit guest information, remove a guest, and view the guests order history, including the ability to reprint order receipts.
  • Party History – The entire party history for a host can be reviewed using this tool. Party history is presented in two lists, broken up into currently open parties and closed parties. By selecting a party from these lists, the distributor can apply edits to the party information (ie: update the e-vite, party location, etc..) Guests can also be added to the invited list from this tool.