About the Team

Our TEAM foundation is made of business orientated individuals with a variety of skills that bring their talents to the table to make what we feel is one of the strongest foundations for a successful Support Team. Trinity Software has partnered with Backoffice Enterprise Solutions Incorporated to bring their strengths and staff to provide exclusive sales and support for the Firestorm® Platform.Why is this important to you? Because this Team brings it’s MLM Software experience to the table as part of your Team. A Team that works towards building a future for you.

Jerry Reynolds

President & CEO, Founder, Lead Design Architect
Jerry brings over 23 years of software development expertise to our team. His background includes developing major corporate software applications for Fortune 500 companies. He also has a huge science fiction movie memorabilia collection.

Chris Christian

Launch Team Manager
Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Chris brings over 11 yrs. of experience in customer driven industries as sales and marketing management. He brings a new perspective to his customer service and support role. Chris holds a BBA in Marketing and has completed coursework for a Master’s in Music Theory. Also, he brings 7 years of teaching/training experience from an adjunct professorship on the colligate level. This valuable experience will combine to strengthen our support and training programs.

Adam Reynolds

Programming Manager
Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
As a valued member of the team, Adam specializes in creating and maintaining custom programming required by our clients. He is also responsible for developing and enhancing the capabilities of the Firestorm® system and performing maintenance programming on all aspects of the system.

Vicki Reynolds

Vicki is a valued member of our team, responsible for managing all billing and accounting. She brings over 20 years of accounting expertise to our team.

Solomon McCluster

Solomon consults regularly with Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc., bringing more than 20 years of experience in the Direct Selling Industry as a distributor, a network marketing company owner, and more recently, a direct selling software sales specialist. In 2010 Solomon was named Best of the Best by the Multilevel Marketing International Association and currently serves on their Board of Directors.

Jonathan Tranel

Sales Representative
Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Jonathan is the newest addition to our team. He has extensive experience in our industry and adds a tremendous positive attitude and professionalism to our great team.

Christine Mariner

Sales Representative
BackOffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Chrissy recently began consulting with Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc and brings a decade of experience in the Direct Selling Industry as a party plan company owner. She’s worked in digital marketing and eCommerce and more recently merging the eCommerce world with Shopify and Affiliate marketing.

Darin Vasquez

Support Specialist
Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Darin is a welcome addition to the support team. Darin has more than 5 years of customer service experience along with an additional 2 in the Direct Selling industry as a Commissions Manager, as well as providing support to the field in regards to FireStorm®.

Cary Duell

Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Cary brings a strong practical experience to our support staff. He has an extensive background in supporting application software and hardware on the Microsoft Windows platform. His practical approach to support brings rapid and accurate solutions to the issues that he handles.

George Frederic

Launch Team Specialist

George brings over 10 years of experience in the MLM industry on both the distributor and corporate sides. With additional backgrounds in Customer Service Management, Project Management, Business Consulting, and Financial Services, his practical experience allows him to make valuable contributions to our Launch Team.

Stephen Rosas

Support Engineer
Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Stephen provides ongoing support and maintenance duties to our client base. He has keen interests in the world of computing and is currently studying to become a SQL Guru! Stephen’s desire to serve is evident in his attention to our client’s needs and constant push to bring higher and higher levels of service to the team.

Tyler Berrong

Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
With a background of application support in both education and business, Tyler brings solid work experience to our support department. He holds a BA in History from the University of Texas at Arlington and is an experienced historical writer-researcher. His technical background includes business networking and computer hardware. Tyler is truly another strong asset to our clients and the Firestorm® support team.

Lissette Caballero

Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Lissette is currently working on her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin. While Interning with our Launch Team she works closely with our clients. Lissette brings years of customer service experience from both previous and current endeavors. Lissette is also bilingual.

Dino Gilley

Art Director
Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Dino has worked in Graphic & Web Design since 1999. He began as a freelance Graphic Designer then worked as a Senior Designer at a Texas Mega-Church & most recently worked as Global Media Dir. for a Missions Org. with Brand Creation and Management, Web Design and Maintenance, Graphic Design and Production, Videography and Post, Photography, coaching through dozens Social Media accounts, Teaching Designers in 7 countries on 5 continents.

Jef Larremore

Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Jef was born in the oil fields and cotton patches of Midland, Texas. After leaving Midland, Jef completed his BBA in MIS from Texas Tech University and later completed his MS in CIS from Tarleton State University. Along the way Jef has worked for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, universities and municipalities. Now, Jef calls Fort Worth home. His daughter, Abby, has been accepted to Tarleton State University and is pursuing a medical career. In his spare time, Jef likes anything food related, events at the Will Rogers Center, classic movies and hanging out with his 3 cats, Sandy, Jinx and Zeus.

Sandra Johnson

Administrative Assistant
Backoffice Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Sandy is our receptionist and she provides support to our sales and customer service staff and handles administrative tasks for our office.

"We never imagined such fantastic growth of our recently launched company. I am convinced it would not have been possible without Trinity Software’s help and expertise."

"Having a MLM software package like Firestorm is fantastic in and of itself, but having a team like Trinity on your side makes it beyond excellent!"

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