Affiliate Marketing Compensation Plan Support

Affiliate Marketing compensation programs are fully supported in Firestorm®. An Affiliate Program is simply a program that allows customers to refer other customers and earn rewards for doing so. Rewards can also be commission payments. Firestorm® supports Affiliate Programs along with other compensation types, and also provides an Affiliate Enrollment screen in the web office login area as a convenience for distributors.

Power Line (Straight Line) Compensation Plan Support

Power Line, or sometimes called “Straight Line” compensation structures are fully supported in Firestorm® . In the Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Sales industry, a Power Line is when enrollees are placed in the genealogy tree in one straight line, usually in order by time. Power Line structures can build excitement for recruiting and typically, everyone who enrolls after you (below you) contributes to certain volume qualifications, such as down-line volume. As Firestorm® tracks sponsorship separately, commissions can be configured based on the sponsor tree. Trinity Software has built unique Power Line features, such as generating additional Power Line positions at the top of the Power Line that are based on achievements. Firestorm® also provides a Power Line web genealogy tool for distributors that is a standard part of the extensive web office tools and reports!

Shared Matrix Compensation Plan Support

A Shared Matrix compensation plan structure is also supported in Firestorm®. A Shared Matrix genealogy structure is when a position in the matrix is shared, or is a part of two different distributors? matrix down-line. It is typically an adjacent matrix position that is shared, paying commissions up-line and branching payouts in two different directions every time a shared position is encountered. Firestorm supports a Shared Matrix in any sized matrix, such as a 3×5 matrix, or a 4×7 matrix.