Subscription Edition 4-Week Launch Window

Once you sign a subscription agreement with our company, our team will begin working on the process to get your company up and running as quickly as possible. So, the first logical question is, when does the 4-week window start? Great question! Ideally, we want the window to begin as soon as you sign your agreement, but the reality is that you will need to have a few items ready to go to achieve this. Our team has prepared a checklist of items that will be required from you for your launch (as they apply to your company, determined by our team members) before the window starts.

Your Compensation Plan and our System Implementation Plan

One of the primary components of this process is your final compensation plan. In order for our team to interpret your plan correctly, we will build a special implementation document called a SIP (“System Implementation Plan”). This document will use your compensation plan documentation as a basis, and will “translate” it into the language our team needs to implement your actual plan. One of our lead technicians will analyze your documentation, coordinating with you as required for clarification purposes, to build the actual SIP document. Once the SIP is completed, it will be delivered to you for approval. Our team will set up any calls that may be necessary to make sure you understand our SIP, and that we have translated your instructions correctly. When you confirm that everything in the SIP is accurate, you will send the SIP back to us with your signature indicating your final approval.

Custom Programming

The SIP includes all of the basic programming required for your system (rank advancement, dashboard functions, etc.) which will be delivered along with your system. In addition, if your compensation plan requires it, it will also include the specifications for any custom programming tasks that may be necessary to implement your plan, along with a cost and timeline for delivery. If you will have custom programming, please remember that these custom items are NOT included in your 4-week window and are handled as a separate project. Please speak with your salesperson for full details.


The remaining items you will need are basic things that you would need for any system, such as product information, SSL, merchant account, etcetera. A complete list follows:

Final compensation plan, SIP created and approved by you


Refund Policy document


Product Details

Pricing and photographs (for use in the shopping cart)

Approved Merchant Account



(logos, colors, etc)

Domain Name


Terms and Conditions document


SSL Certificate for your domain


Sales Tax Rates

(database of rates to be loaded into Firestorm® or an Avalara subscription)

Once all of these items have been delivered to our team by you,

the 4 week countdown to launch begins! During this timeframe, our team will be using the information and items you have provided in the SIP and checklist to fully prepare your system for your launch.