The cost of MLM software weighs heavily on the mind of a small business owner. Paying MLM start-up fees, and then being charged more and more fees over time, can quickly eat through your profits. Signing a contract only makes matters worse. If the MLM software doesn’t work for you there is no way out until your contractual obligation is complete (meaning you could get stuck paying your e-commerce transaction fees and per-user fees for a while). An MLM subscription model is a safer and less expensive option. Watch the video below as Jerry Reynolds explains the dangers of signing a contract with an MLM Software provider vs the incredible value of entering into a monthly MLM Software subscription model.

How to Save on MLM Software – Introducing The MLM Subscription Model


The easiest, fastest and smartest way to save is with Firestorm. The reason is simple. We do not charge start-up fees, e-commerce transaction fees, or per-user fees. There are no hidden costs related to using this software. You only pay one fee per month for your subscription to Firestorm.


Our monthly MLM subscription fees are $2,500 per month regardless of the number of users. We don’t charge you a lofty start-up fee. We do not focus on making a quick sale before moving on to the next customer. Instead, we absorb that cost. We know that our superior product and customer service will ensure you will be with us for a very long time.


Signing an MLM Software Contract


Most MLM vendors require a yearly contract. Firestorm does not. Our MLM subscription model is a month-to-month agreement that you can end at any time. We are so certain that you will love the service and support you receive from us that we do not force you into a contract for a product you don’t like and cannot use.


The typical MLM software company requires a one-year contract. Considering the fact that MLM software usage is predicted to significantly grow by the year 2025, those contracts will likely become even more commonplace. MLM software companies have a tendency to boost their profits by forcing your company to pay for their product even after you have found it is not a good fit. They also charge e-commerce transaction fees and per-user fees in addition to what you have already paid.


How Much Does MLM Software Cost


The cost of MLM software varies, but you can generally learn all you need from a quick overview of each company. Many charge per-user fees, at a rate of up to $2,200. This can lead to some serious financial burdens for your company. Others may offer no pricing information unless you contact them. They may make no mention of MLM start-up fees that cost thousands of dollars. This is a red flag that you should avoid at all costs. An MLM subscription model with transparent costs is a much wiser decision.


Contact us today to demo our Firestorm system and bypass the typical startup fees and costs that could sink your ship during the launch phase or later as your costs increase. We’d love to talk with you about how to maximize your profits and create a lasting partnership that scales your business without the added financial risks!

Video transcript

So, I know what you’re all thinking right now, this sucks.  I agree with you, that’s why we don’t do it. Now, what is the answer to this?  What do we do?  We offer what’s called the subscription fee.  What that means is that we offer a no start-up fee, no transaction fees, no per-user fees, there are no fees except the monthly subscription fee.  Our current fee is $2,500 per month.  We offer a month to month contract.  We do not charge transaction fees.  It doesn’t matter if your membership is 1 member or 100,000 members, you’re only going to pay $2,500.  That’s how it works.  We’re currently offering all of our modules, our entire system for $2,500.  There are no other costs. On the other system, you had a startup fee and the monthly cost went up exponentially.  You paid $25,000 and then you pay more and more money with no cap.  Even if you have a cap, you’re going to go up to $5,000 or $10,000 a month.

No Startup and No Contract

With Firestorm in our subscription model, there is no startup fee.  It’s a flat cost so over the course of a year the price doesn’t change.  It’s a month-to-month contract.  We don’t ever want this to happen but if you ever decide you’re not happy with us, there’s no contract to get out of.  We’re on a month to month basis.

Long Term Relationship

We want to provide you with a level of service that blows your mind, that you think how can they possibly do this and make money?  Well, we do it because we value long-term relationships. That’s what we’re going for.  We’re not going for the quick hit, take all your money upfront, and leave you with nothing to survive with, and then hope you make it.  We’re basically making an investment in your company.  We’re absorbing a lot of the cost upfront as we talked about in other videos and the things that we have to do.  We’re absorbing those costs hoping that you’ll be here long-term.

We are investing in You

One of the things that is a key component of our business model is that as you age as a client, we’re going to have a support burden.  When you are a new client you require a lot of support.  As you learn the system and you become more and more comfortable with it, that support burden starts going down.  Once you get to that point, you’re pretty self-sufficient unless you’re changing your Compensation Plan or whatever your re-engage is, but at that point, our costs are very stable.  So, it’s important for a long-term relationship.  It’s important to our business model that you’re here for a long time so this is how we do it.  We’re willing to gamble on you upfront, so you don’t have to pay any huge fees.