Firestorm Genealogy Tools

Give your IMC’s the ability to truly manage their teams and organizations!

Give your IMC’s the ability to truly manage their teams and organizations! We provide a full suite of informational, graphical genealogy management and reporting tools:

  • Unilevel Tree View
  • Tabular View
  • Firestorm Tree Viewer
  • Frontline Activity Report
  • Information Genealogy
  • View My Generations
  • Levels Genealogy
  • Team Productivity report

Earnings History Report
Enter a date range and click the ‘Run’ button to pull a report of all of the commissions that you have earned during the selected time period. This tool will present a summary of all commission types that you earned, including those that have been issued on check or are still in your e-wallet. You may drill down to see the detail for a given commission type by clicking on the appropriate view detail button.

Transfer Funds
Use this tool to transfer funds from your commission account to another member’s commission account. Once the transfer has been completed, the funds will be permanently deducted from your account and will be available to the member receiving the funds transfer.

Manage your pending commissions
Use this tool to manage your pending commissions. You may request a transfer in any amount up to the amount of available commissions. The actual amount of your request may be adjusted due to fees that the company may impose for this service. In addition, be aware that the system may be required to issue ‘change’ to you depending on the amount you are requesting. This happens whenever you do not request the entire amount in your account. This is a normal behavior of the system and you will see these transactions in your commission history.

Contact Management Tool
Use this tool to send messages to your customers and your personally sponsored distributors. Either compose your message or select an available template from the Message Template List. Then, from the Recipient Section, select the group to which you want to send this message, and press the Send Email Button. If you would like to narrow down the list of members displayed in the recipients list, select some filtering options from the box to the left of the list, and click the Find Button. Listed above are just a few features that make Trinity one of the most flexible, scalable platforms in the industry today!

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