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Firestorm® provides a rich suite of tools which are made specifically to meet the needs of your consultants and customers. This is their online portal for managing their parties, staying in contact, monitoring their sales, placing orders, customizing their personal replicated website, managing all aspects of their business and much, much more!

The list below is only a small sampling of the 70+ tools and extensive capabilities of the Firestorm® system. Firestorm® offers the ability to tailor your consultant’s virtual office to show only the tools that you want them to have. Our MLM Software and Party Plan Software offers wide-ranging capabilities that help your consultants manage their business effectively and efficently. Each of our online tools have exhaustive customization options that you need to see to believe! You can achieve almost any look and feel you desire. Contact us for more information and schedule a demo with many many more tools!

Images used are taken from our demo system. Your system will reflect your own color scheme and logo. Our systems have theme level stylesheets and can be edited via CSS if needed.

Replicated Websites

Want your consultants to have the marketing power of their own website? Replicating websites are the answer! Firestorm® offers the most robust and SEO friendly way to generate personal replicating websites for all of your consultants to use to sell your products and services.

With Firestorm®, your company has complete control over presentation and content of all replicating websites. This allows you to maintain good SEO performance with tight control over your company’s brand. Consultants do not have to concern themselves with any regulatory issues or possibly violating company rules regarding content. Their only requirement is to maintain their contact information!

All orders and enrollments that occur from their website will automatically be linked to them so they receive full credit and commissions for the activity.


Ready to sell online? A complete and modern mobile responsive shopping cart and online enrollment experience in included with the Firestorm® system. Our newest release of our e-commerce platform offers a blazing fast shopping cart and enrollment experience.

Firestorm® provides your company with a highly configurable and extremely versatile e-commerce platform with built-in CMS capabilities to allow you to easily mange and update your content. Our e-commerce suite can also be used to load your corporate website content (with CMS capabilities) directly in the shopping cart environment that allows your shoppers to have a completely seamless user experience when they visit your website and go between website content and shopping. Of course, you may also use a separate corporate website if desired.


Parties are fun! As long as your company has all the tools and capabilities they need. Manage all your parties, set up new parties, invite guests, process party orders, set up future parties and claim host awards. You can control every aspect of parties held by your consultants. The Party Portal is designed to allow your consultant to manage the life-cycle of the party on their schedule. They can set up the party and send e-vites today, then return after the party is over and complete the remaining steps (entering orders, redeeming host awards, etc.).

Party Plan Software

Set up new party

Easy and exciting to set up your party!

Party Plan Software


Manage E-vites!

Party Plan Software

Order entry

It's never been easier!

Party Plan Software

Host Awards

Search, find and redeem your awards!

Party Plan Software

Replicated Party Websites

Give links to your site to your party guests!


Timely information is crucial for your consultants to grow and have a vital, thriving business! Communicate and inform them with current and helpful information using our Quick Cards and Charts. These on-screen tools can be populated with your members specific current or historical data to help them stay on track with their goals and advancement opportunities. Firestorm® also offers the ability to create custom mini-dashboards containing highly specific information that may not be appropriate for a chart or card. These can be incorporated into the main dashboard to provide your consultant’s with a rich user experience, and direct access to every vital KPI they need for success!


A healthy company requires growth. That growth comes through acquisition of new customers and members. Firestorm® gives you a comprehensive, mobile responsive single page sign up form that can accommodate all of your special business rules. Want an auto-ship to be set up automatically during enrollment? An unlimited number can be set up automatically! The enrollment process allows for dynamic kitting, up-selling through one time offers and many other features, all during the enrollment process.


Need to drill into your downline? View either Standard or Company Specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in summary basis for all downline members. Drill into each downline members position to view their summaries and downlines. The tool allows your members to drill all the way to the very last level of their organization while maintaining a graphical and color coded view of their entire downline.


Want your consultants to actively manage and market to their customers and personal enrollees? Our contact manager tool provides them with a very targeted, marketing centric approach to their own personal client lists. View and manage your personal contacts, search and filter based on enrollment period and product purchases! Send custom or template based e-mails to desired recipients. Use this tool to send messages to your customers, party guests, party hosts, and your personally sponsored consultants. Either compose your own message or pick from an available template from the Message Template List. Then, from the Recipient Section, select the group to which you want to send this message, and press the Send Email Button. That’s it!


Managing your organization has never been easier! Firestorm® offers a complete suite of genealogy reporting tools that allow your consultants to view their organization in the most relevant way for your compensation plan.

Many of these tools allow your consultants to view and navigate their downline structure visually, making it much easier to see where growth is occurring and where they need to focus their efforts to encourage growth and activity. Genealogies can also be viewed in a tabular format with full download capabilities.

All of these tools allow consultants to view basic KPI information for each downline member. Your company can decide which KPIs to show on many of these tools, as some are completely customizable. By carefully choosing which KPIs to show, these tools provide a great way to monitor the personal sales and recruiting activity of each person in their organization.

Firestorm Tree Viewer

Firestorm Tree Viewer

View and search your downline structure.

Party Plan Software

Levels Genealogy

Your downline is presented separated by levels.

Party Plan Software

View My Generations

Your downline broken up into generations.

Party Plan Software

Extended Binary Tree

A real-time view into the binary structure of the database.

Party Plan Software

Tabular Genealogy

View team sales performance and details.


Show me the money! All consultants want to know how and why they got paid. This tool allows them to view a summary and breakdown of their commissions earning history.
The report operates on a date range basis, so your consultant can view current information as well as historical. By entering a date range and clicking the ‘Run’ button your consultant can pull a report of all of the commissions they have earned during the selected time period. This tool will present a summary of all commission types earned, including those that have been issued on a check or are still in your e-wallet. You may drill down to see the detail for a given commission type by clicking on the appropriate view detail link.




Manage all your earned commissions! Firestorm® provides the ultimate in flexibility when dealing with commission payments. You may request a physical check, transfer them to a debit card or request a wire transfer or most exciting, our system allows your consultants to spend their earned commissions in the Firestorm® shopping cart or to pay for their autoship! Firestorm® is already integrated with many major vendors in the debit card space so if you choose to use one of our pre-integrated suppliers, the debit card option is very simple to implement with no additional charges from us. (custom integrations are available for non-supported vendors at an additional cost)


Commissions come from orders! This report allows consultants to see a date range specific order history of their personal, party, affiliate and customer orders. By entering a start and ending date, the system will display all orders that fall within that date range. Drill down and print order receipts (regular or party guest). Orders are grouped by purchaser type, based on who has placed the orders, with a summary after each group. There is a final summary at the bottom of the report to show the grand totals for the period being displayed. To view the detail of an order, simply click the Order ID#.


Recurring orders are a key way to manage cash flow within your company! Giving your consultants to manage their own recurring orders removes the burden of doing so from your customer service department and places the control directly in the consultant’s hand. Of course, you can decide which capabilities of this tool can be used! Consultant’s can manage and track their recurring orders and subscriptions. By selecting a recurring order from the drop-down list, consultants can click on a Command or Change Button to view or update its details.

Party Plan Software

New recurring order!

Created in your virtual back office.

Party Plan Software

Step 1

Create one as you add to cart!

Party Plan Software

Step 2

It’s never been easier!

Party Plan Software

Step 3

Review and done!


Consultants want to be able to see their pay history! This tool allows them to view a detailed check register for every commission check issued to them from our system based on a date range they can enter themselves. Once their check history is being viewed, they can click on the ‘Detail’ link which will cause the system to show them the full detail of a given commission that was included on their check. When the full detail is visible, this report also provides a unique “drill down” capability that when a specific commission’s “View Detail” is clicked on, a window will pop up that shows them exactly which order that commission was generated from as well as the person that placed the order (Volume based commissions are presented differently, but accessed the same way). This report also includes a summary link to show a summarized (less detailed) version of the earnings behind the selected commission