Firestorm System - MLM & Party Plan Software

The Most Advanced Sales tool for MLM & Party Plan Organizations. Period.

The Firestorm® system provides companies with the ability to acquire and tailor a system to suit their exact needs without having to lay out a large startup fee or to be crippled with exorbitant per user fees. Firestorm® is the most scalable software platform in the Direct Selling space. It has the ability to service the needs of the smallest startup company to the largest international Direct Selling Company by simply adding the appropriate functionality to its modular architecture at any time.


Our Software and Web Presence Solutions provide cost effective methods to operate a successful business in today’s ever changing market. Regardless of the type of pay structures utilized for your marking plan, we have the right solution for the right price with the right features. Trinity Software’s engineers are constantly evaluating and adding new features to keep Firestorm the most comprehensive solution available. Now and in the future!


We have 5 flexible low cost options for licensing a Firestorm® system, serving new start-ups and seasoned companies alike. We offer shared platform or dedicated server hosting. In-house solutions are also available where Firestorm runs on your own servers. An optional upgrade path to move from hosting to in-house is provided as you grow. Our most popular package is the Platinum Hosting Program. In this hosting model, all of the extra costs associated with rolling out a new system are included in the price. Please ask your sales representative for full details. Learn more about our five pricing options.


Firestorm offers many features for organizing your company. These cover all the necessities specific to the network marketing industry:

Customer Service – Order Tracking

Points / Rewards Program

Global System Configuration

International Functionality (multiple languages, currency, time zones, shipping, fees, etc)

Recurring Order Management


Corporate Reports