Firestorm® + Shopify: A Powerful Combination

Leverage Shopify’s great e-commerce platform along with Firestorm’s® over 21 years of experience in Affiliate Marketing and Direct Sales to create a formidable and strong platform to support your business in all areas and help you rise to the next level!

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All Party Plan tools are included with Firestorm at NO CHARGE!

Flexibility in Pricing

Thank you for considering Firestorm® as part of your future growth plans! This document is designed to present you with the pricing and options for each platform you may be considering. The Firestorm® system provides companies with the ability to acquire and tailor a subscription system to suit their exact needs without having to lay out a large startup fee or to be crippled with exorbitant per user fees. Firestorm® is the most scalable software platform in the Direct Selling space. It has the ability to service the needs of the smallest startup company to the largest international Direct Selling Company by simply adding the appropriate functionality to its modular architecture at any time. As your company grows, you have the ability to expand your subscription system on-demand to meet your needs as you grow.

Our Enterprise Premier Platform offers the complete Firestorm® system with all modules included for those companies that are ready for the expanded capabilities offered.

Blazing Fast Performance
We offer extensive web farm capabilities (multi-node, load balanced) at an additional cost if your company has the extreme performance demands of a large e-commerce company. Black Friday sales? No problem! Consult with your sales representative to discuss your load requirements and what size web farm is right farm is right for you.

With the purchase of either of these systems, we include a list of standard features and services.





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Shopify Plus Firestorm

  • Three affordable packages to pick from
  • Ease of use, with maximum return
  • The best of both worlds

With this new integration, you will be able to fully leverage the excellent e-commerce capabilities provided by Shopify, and bolt them onto the powerful commissioning engines, member’s web office, payment tools and hundreds of other features provided by Firestorm®, the industry’s most powerful platform for direct selling. This integration will allow existing companies that currently use Shopify to retain their investments of time and money into the Shopify platform while expanding their sales channels into the Direct Selling space with all the capabilities they have come to expect from their software. This creates a powerful and unmatched solution to fully address the needs of all of their sales channels.

Subscription Edition

  • You're on a limited budget
  • You want reduced risk
  • You want to tailor your system to your exact needs

The Firestorm® Subscription Edition offers No start-up fee and a fixed monthly cost of $2,500! You heard it right – NO startup fee, NO hosting fees, NO per-distributor fees, NO transaction fees. Most importantly, no surprises!

Firestorm® Subscription Edition will eliminate your start-up cost and give you a competitive edge over your competition by reducing your start-up risk AND freeing up start-up funds to use for other critical needs your company has during launch - dramatically increasing your chances of success!

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Enterprise Premier Platform

  • You're well funded
  • You have a long range vision
  • You want the entire suite of capabilities offered by the Firestorm® system
  • You want to lowest long range cost possible

We are pleased to offer a pricing model specifically designed for companies with a long-range vision for ultimate success. This new platform includes all functionality available in the subscription edition of the Firestorm® system as well as all optional modules with no additional monthly cost for the modules. You get the entire platform for a single set price, hosted in our data center. Our system is also available for licensing to run on your own servers at your facilities. Want the ultimate in control and flexibility You can have it with the Enterprise Edition.