Our Firestorm Process ...

A overview of what you can expect when you first choose Firestorm for your business.


Select Firestorm® and Sign Agreement

Meet your sales representative, demo the system and get the answers you need to get started.

System and E-Commerce Setup

Our launch Team is very detailed oriented and highly experienced and will get your system up and running in 4 weeks or less.

Comp Plan Setup & Programming

This step is crucial for a successful launch! We’ve done it for over 1,000 companies in our history. This programming will happen simultaneously with your system setup.


We have a top notch training facility in house.
We know a firm understanding of the system is key to your success.

Launch and 
Go Live!

Our Launch Team is here for you as you achieve this momentous goal.
This is the beginning of great things!

After you launch Firestorm our commitment to
you and our product doesn’t end there!