Our Firestorm Process ...

A overview of what you can expect when you first choose Firestorm for your business.

The next phases of Firestorm will get you set up with the finely fitted application you need!

Step 1

After the System Setup We assign your IP address. Then we load and enable Web Office and assign all  your logins, then set up SMTP Relay.


Step 2

Start-up documents delivered and the System Access documents are delivered to the Firestorm CUSTOMER.

Step 3

We have the Compensation Plan Discovery Session and launch the Team Overview and Introduction Call then the consultation with client Web Developers regarding design considerations for web site.

Step 4

Initial System Implementation Plan Document (SIP) the Master CSS Stylesheet Delivered for client changes and Enrollment Process Setup plus the Rank Setup.

Step 5

Enrollment Products and Enrollment Autoships are loaded along with Terms and Conditions document provided by CUSTOMER into Firestorm® web enrollment process. Language Variables set up and delivered to client for possible edits.

Step 6

SSL Setup We Generate Certificate Signing Request, Install SSL Certificate obtained by CUSTOMER Then Generate SSL Checker Report. Set up shipping rates for single or multi zone (based on purchase).

Step 7

Final SIP Document Delivered for Customer Approval. The shopping cart is setup with product entry, inventory setup, catalog setup, shopping cart grouping and shopping cart branding images.

Step 8

Your Virtual Office is set up. Dynamic Home Page Mini Dashboard and Menu Items tailored for your business are enabled. The very exciting Party Module and our Party Evite are set up.

Step 9

Commissions are the next priority. Printed checks, ACH Profile, the standard Firestorm Comp Plan Payouts Setup.

Step 10

Custom Programming Delivered (if applicable) and Final System Testing of Delivered Programming.
Payment Processing Merchant Account set up and configured. Then testing of Process Successful Credit Card Transaction.

Step 11

Set up Sales Tax Rate Service.

Step 12

Final System Testing, we’re almost there! PCI Compliance Check – Verify client website adheres to PCI/DSS standards Training Class – At our training facility. Company Launch – GO LIVE! Provide enhanced support for first commission run (after launch).

After you launch Firestorm our commitment to
you and our product doesn’t end there!