A Comprehensive System for Growth

This is a comprehensive System for Growth. We are pleased to offer a pricing model specifically designed for companies with a long range vision for ultimate success. This new platform includes all functionality available in the subscription edition of the Firestorm® system as well as all optional modules, with no additional monthly cost for the modules. You get the entire platform for a single set price, hosted in our data center.

In addition, when licensing the premier edition, all professional services (hosting, support, product upgrades, etc.) are provided for a reduced monthly price that represents a tremendous annual savings over the standard subscription edition. Our monthly pricing is a fixed cost, and will not change for the duration of your license.

You get our entire platform for a single
set price, hosted in out data center!

ALL Party Plan tools are included with Firestorm at NO CHARGE!

Discounted Monthly Service Fees

(Requires Enterprise License)

The Premier plan offers a discounted monthly service fee, available at 2 different price points. In the simplest form, this plan offers all of our services for a flat rate of $2,000 per month with no additional fees. This represents a $500.00 per month savings over our subscription plan. If you choose to pre-fund a full year of service fees, we offer an even bigger discount to you! The monthly cost for Pre-funded service is $1,500 per month, representing a savings of $1,000.00 per month over our subscription plan. A minimum of 12 months must be pre-funded to receive our lowest monthly rate.






No Per-Distributor, Transaction or Hosting Fees
Month to Month Service Contracts

The most popular aspects of our subscription platform are the no per-distributor, transaction or hosting fees and the month-to-month nature of that agreement. We have decided to keep those aspects of the subscription program as part of the Premier package, which means that when you choose the Premier package, your service agreement is set up to run month-to-month with no other monthly fees other than the service fee described above. If you decide to terminate your agreement, you can do so with no penalty.

All Modules Included

See the modules …

The Premier package includes all modules and functions available in the Firestorm® platform, available for you to use with no restrictions and no additional monthly fees. You get the entire Firestorm® suite of software, with no exceptions!* Any new modules that are added to the Firestorm® system in the future will automatically be added to your system at no additional charge**.

* Use of the programmers API module will require a dedicated server.
** In order to receive new modules, your service agreement must be in
good standing and in full force and effect.

See the Subscription Edition Module Options

Firestorm has a substantial list of very useful modules to pick from.

Leasing Plan Available

We have partnered with different leasing companies that are willing to finance the Enterprise Premier package, as well as your first 12 months of service fees as one lease. Leases will vary in length from 1-5 years, based on your credit score. This allows your company to spread the first year costs across the term you choose. Get through the first year of business without worrying about IT costs again!

In-House Licensing

If you desire to bring the Firestorm® software in-house to run in your own data center, or load it in to the cloud,
we offer licensing options for you at an additional cost. Please see your sales representative for full details.

Allow us to show you this system!

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