Supported Compensation Plans

Firestorm® supports all compensation plan structures. To support any standard compensation structure type, including (but not limited to) Party Plan, Direct Sales, Affiliate Programs, Binary, Unilevel (any depth), Forced Matrix (any size), Self-Regenerating Forced Matrix (any size). Multiple structures can be maintained and paid on simultaneously , so hybrid systems can be deployed with ease!

Party Plan Compensation Plan Support

A party plan is an exciting way to build a company. It leverages the relationships people already have and allows your distributors to readily access their warm markets in a way that is easy and comfortable for them. Your company needs to provide them with a comprehensive toolset that is intuitive and easy to use in order to help them succeed. You need a system that will bring them the power and flexibility they need in order to achieve their dreams. Firestorm provides full, comprehensive support for party plan companies. We have long been the most comprehensive and configurable Party Plan software system available on the market. Firestorm is pleased to offer that same flexibility and reliability to the party plan industry.
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Multilevel Compensation Plan Support

For your MLM Software needs, Firestorm® offers a Unilevel commission payout that is completely user-configurable. Multiple levels of payout can be configured, and deeper levels of pay can be configured for higher sales ranks (promotional titles), completely eliminating expensive custom programming when you set it up or make future changes. Trinity Software released Unilevel functionality as a standard part of Firestorm® when it was first released over 8 years ago. This means over 8 years of valuable MLM Software input from our clients that has evolved the Unilevel functionality. This functionality and many other configurable features are explained further below, providing you with total flexibility for implementation and ongoing management of your Multilevel compensation plan.
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Binary Compensation Plan Support

Binary compensation plans are exciting for their unlimited growth potential, but they can also be intimidating and complex for a company to manage. Firestorm® MLM Software offers a comprehensive and easy to use Binary feature set to make this challenging pay structure profitable and easy to administer. Trinity Software developed one of the first Binary compensation plan mlm software packages on the market over fifteen years ago. We have been aggressively improving core reliability and enhancing our Binary feature set ever since. Our team has decades of experience in dealing with Binary compensation plans and have deployed almost a hundred companies using the Binary model successfully. Since we have been involved in the Binary world for so long, we can identify areas to enhance our software and allow your company faster and easier ways to manage this challenging plan.
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Forced Matrix Compensation Plan Support

A Matrix, or sometimes called a Forced Matrix, is simply a structure (genealogy tree) that has a limited width and limited depth. For example, a 3 by 5 matrix allows only 3 people to be located under you, and your matrix would only go 5 levels deep. If your matrix was full of people under you, you would have 3 on your first level, 9 on your second level, 27 on your third level, 81 on your fourth level and 243 on your fifth and final level. The total number of people besides yourself in a full 3 x 5 matrix would be 363.
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Other Compensation Plans

We also have other compensation plan types supported by Firestorm MLM Software. Power Line, or sometimes called “Straight Line” compensation structures are fully supported in Firestorm® . In the Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Direct Sales industry, a Power Line is when enrollees are placed in the genealogy tree in one straight line, usually in order by time. Shared Matrix compensation plan structure is also supported in Firestorm®. A Shared Matrix genealogy structure is when a position in the matrix is shared, or is a part of two different distributors matrix down-line. It is typically an adjacent matrix position that is shared, paying commissions up-line and branching payouts in two different directions every time a shared position is encountered. Affiliate Marketing compensation programs are fully supported in Firestorm®. An Affiliate Program is simply a program that allows customers to refer other customers and earn rewards for doing so.
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