Can Your MLM Software Do
In-House Custom Programming?

Whether you own an MLM business or are an employee of one, you will need an MLM software system. MLM software with customization capabilities is paramount to supporting your direct selling business model. Whether it’s for social media integration or affiliate tracking, custom mlm software (custom MLM systems) keep operations running as they should. While there are several options available, in the end, you must make a decision between out-of-the-box or in-house custom programming software.

What is Custom-Programming & Should MLM Marketers Care?

Custom programming is a process of creating a program uniquely tailored to your business. Absolutely, MLM marketers should care and here’s why. This is a key component for direct sales and MLM companies who are using MLM software to manage their business. Without custom MLM systems running your back office, you will need a variety of plug-ins to keep up with today’s MLM infrastructure.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a custom MLM software package is the level of customization you receive. While out-of-the-box software works for certain MLM business models, it fails in comparison to the efficiency of custom MLM software.

Here are some unique advantages of custom MLM systems and some real-life examples of why you should consider in-house programming:

  • It meets your exact MLM specifications
  • Covers every angle of your business
  • No hidden charges or extra overhead costs
  • Makes your interface easier to use
  • You get professional technical support

Since in-house software includes on-demand customization, it can give you the ability to integrate your direct sales with external systems. It also provides access to trained technicians who are familiar with your business and the software developers of your business. The overall value of having an in-house MLM software system compared to out-of-the-box software is simply night and day.

Can I Customize My MLM Software System?

Many MLM businesses are going to be asking “can I customize this system or am I stuck with the out-of-the-box system?” Fortunately, with advanced MLM software, you can customize your software system. If your current MLM software can’t do in-house custom programming without creating more overhead costs for your business, it becomes unfeasible. Additionally, whether you’ve got experience in this industry or not, one of the things that are going to be a big unknown is the cost of custom programming.

So, let’s talk about the core value of being able to customize the system and offer a more custom feel for your customers. When you buy out-of-the-box software, you do not get the knowledge and expertise that comes with custom MLM software. However, an in-house software provider has the capabilities to add plug-ins and other features like affiliate tracking software. Does your current out-of-the-box software do that?

Furthermore, out-of-the-box software is most likely to encounter some glitches and bugs along the way. These inconveniences will require hiring an outside consultant who will not be familiar with your MLM business. This can add to your overhead costs and has the potential to be detrimental to your business. Additionally, the biggest advantage is the usability of your interface for you and your customers. You get a custom feel and features that are easy to use with an in-house MLM software system.

How Much Does Custom-Programming Cost?

So, you need MLM custom back office software A.K.A. “custom programming”. According to software developers on Quora, an elaborate custom software project can cost between $50,000 – $250,000. Some basic in-house programming can cost between $10,000 – $250,000 while large corporations can expect to spend between $250,000- $1,000,000.

Here’s where we come in:

Trinity Software addresses the need for custom programming with a unique, fixed cost basis for all programming projects. Instead of giving an open ended hourly bid for a project, our team will provide you with an exact cost for your project BEFORE the project begins. Once this fixed price cost has been provided, the cost will not change unless you add more work to your project. Because of the unique nature of the Firestorm® system, typical custom programming costs can be as low as $0, but when custom programming is required for your compensation plan costs can range from $2,000 – $5,000. (Exact cost for a given project will always be provided in advance!)

How to Customize MLM Software

The best way to customize your MLM software is with Trinity Software’s flagship software called Firestorm. Here at Trinity Software, one of our mantras is that our software should be malleable to the way you do business and not the way we design it. We want to be able to empower you to do what you need, so your business succeeds.

We use an in-house programming team, we do not outsource any of our programming overseas for any reason. Since this industry is so complex, it takes a highly-trained team of individuals that are familiar with MLM business systems. Trinity Software trains our team to the point of knowing your business and system inside and out. We can also deliver any customization that you ask for in a minimal amount of time for minimal costs.

We will give you a dedicated and well-trained team that can deliver any customization to you that you need. To see how easy in-house programming can be, contact Trinity Software today.

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Video Transcription:

As we continue our discussion of advanced capabilities for your MLM software system, one of the things I want to address is that of the elephant in the room called custom programming. A lot of you who have had experience in the industry or not, even if you’re new, one of the things that is going to be a big unknown cost to you is, “Can I customize this system? Or is what you’re showing me it? I have to build my business around that.”  Well here at Trinity Software one of our mantras here is that our software should be malleable to focus on the one way you do business and not the way we designed it. We want to be able to empower you to do what you need. So can we do custom programming? Yes we can!

As a matter of fact, we use an in-house programming team and do not outsource any of our programming overseas for any reason, because this industry is so unique and it takes so long to become very familiar with it to understand how all of the nuances of it work that we want to have a team that we train ourselves that knows our system frontwards and backwards that can deliver any customization that you ask for in a minimal amount of time and for a minimal cost.