Firestorm Advanced Technology

The Firestorm® Enterprise platform for MLM and Party Plan direct selling companies offers the most advanced technologies available to allow your company full access to the power offered by the cloud and the state of the art technologies it is based on. Our team stays on top of the latest developments in technology to ensure that our clients have the exact solutions needed for the operation of their companies.

Our systems are offered on our Shared Platform (included in the base cost of the system), Dedicated Servers, Web Farms or Microsoft Azure* when required. We are one of the few vendors left to offer an in-house* option to allow you to host our software on your own servers in your facility.

* – Requires purchase of an Enterprise License

Web Farms

Ready to move to the ultimate in performance and capacity? Our load-balanced web farm is the answer for you! You have all heard of the website that crashes due to high traffic load during a flash sale (or Black Friday), causing that merchant to lose orders due to the inability of the website to respond to requests. Don’t be that merchant!

Web farms allow us to “spread the load” across multiple web servers to dramatically increase the capacity and performance of a website. In a traditional (non-web farm) setup, a system will only have one web server, which means that ALL web requests must be serviced by that single server. For a typical company with relatively moderate web traffic, this approach is fine. However, for larger companies (or companies that have huge spikes in traffic because of the way they operate their business) a different platform is required. Hence, the web farm.

By creating a “cluster” of web servers (“nodes”) that all operate to service a single website we can increase the capacity of that website to service more shoppers simply by adding additional servers (nodes) to the web farm. Additional nodes mean higher capacity and higher performance.

When the system receives a web request, it will look at all of the nodes on the farm to see which one is not busy, and will route the request to that server for action. Any node can service any request at any time. This approach reduces the overall load on each server and ensures that shoppers are being serviced quickly.

Having a web farm architecture in place means that as your need for capacity increases, it is literally a matter of minutes to add additional nodes to your web farm, thereby increasing capacity “on-the-fly”.

Why is this important to you? Because if you find yourself in the middle of a spike in traffic that is killing the response time of your website, our team can add nodes* immediately to meet the demand, even if the demand is temporary**.

If you opt for a web farm setup, our sales team will consult with you to determine the optimal configuration for your situation and capacity desired. A minimum of 5 servers are required to set up a minimal 2-node web farm.

* – Permanent Additional nodes are available at an additional setup and monthly charge and are subject to availability.
** – Temporary nodes are subject to a daily usage fee, and are subject to availability

Web Service APIs

Firestorm® offers a complete web services API that is can be used to push and pull data from your system. The web services API can be used to perform any manner of external integrations that your company may require. With the combination of FEPS (see below) and the web services API, almost any integration is possible!

If your integration requires access to data that is not currently exposed through our standard web services API, it is possible to have custom web services built for you at an additional cost.

All web-services are SOAP/XML based and incorporate 3 distinct layers of security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing them. Web services are available to all clients who have subscribed to the web services module, or who have an Enterprise license.

Your developers will have access to our support team to facilitate your integration with Firestorm®.  While they will not do your external integration for you, our team will provide developer level guidance on the Firestorm® web services to your team to make their job easier. Sandbox environments are available for all clients who are licensed to use Firestorm® web services.

Full documentation is available. Please contact your sales-person or support for more information.

Firestorm Event Push System (FEPS)

What in the world is FEPS? Well, it is an acronym that stands for “Firestorm Event Push System”. Still not clear? Well, put simply, FEPS is the sub-system in Firestorm® that can send (“push”) data to an external system, or take any action, in response to an event (or a non-event). Pre-built event triggers are built into the system for hundreds of different events. Examples would include, Orders being placed, Enrollments, Promotions, etc. FEPS will allow you to respond to the events with some sort of custom action.

Possible Uses for FEPS events

  1. An order comes in on the website and you want to push the data over to the warehouse in real time.
  2. An enrollment occurs and you want to automatically sign up the new member for a pay card.
  3. A consultant is promoted to a new all-time rank, and you want to automatically send a congratulatory email.
  4. An order comes in and you want to send it to a 3PL company for fulfillment.
  5. An enrollment comes in and you want to enroll the new member in a special training course.
  6. An enrollment comes in and you want to set up memberships automatically with other service providers.

Remember that the only limit is your imagination! You tell us what you need and our team can tell you how to accomplish it with FEPS!

FEPS also has the capability to respond to non-events as well. In other words, the FEPS system can be implemented to take action whenever a specific event does NOT occur. See the list below for possibilities:

Possible Uses for FEPS Non-Events

  1. Someone’s recurring order (auto-ship) is going to process in the next week, and you want to send them a reminder.
  2. A member’s credit card is expiring soon and you wish to send an email to notify them that they need to update their credit card on file.
  3. It’s their birthday and you want to send a “happy birthday” email
  4. A member did not complete a required action (i.e.: did not send in their paperwork)

FEPS is used to automate tasks and communication with external systems, and to take actions as directed on your local system.

FEPS is driver based and as such will require some custom programming to create the driver to perform the tasks you wish to automate.

Please consult with your sales-person for full details on how this module works, and how it can best be implemented in your company.

Firestorm® System API

All elements of the Firestorm® system are implemented through the use of our own internal API. This exhaustive API is available for your use if you have an Enterprise Edition license of Firestorm®. This allows your development team to use the very same API that our team uses every day to build new features and functionality into the Firestorm® platform. Want to build your own administrative UI? Your own custom tool to operate against the Firestorm® system? Perhaps your own shopping cart? All that and much, much more is possible with our API.

If you are interested in utilizing this capability, please consult with your salesperson to discuss licensing and server requirements for your specific situation.