3 Reasons Why Direct Sellers Should Integrate a CMS (And Use It Often!)

The ability to integrate a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress with your direct selling business is invaluable. Using WordPress for multi-level marketing is an imperative tool for building a well-designed and functioning website that enhances the shopping experience for your customers.

WordPress has a well-defined interface where what you see is what you get. It is designed so you can drag and drop elements while building and managing your web page. On the other hand, when you choose an integrated CMS with MLM software. it automatically comes with that.

What is CMS?

CMS simply defined means “content management system.” It is software that lets the user create and manage content on their website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. A good example of this is WordPress where it allows you to do things on your own to enhance your user’s experience. Integrated CMS is a tool that is designed for your needs in order to help you build or edit your website.

How Does Integrated CMS Work With WordPress?

Using WordPress for direct selling works better when you have an integrated content management system such as Firestorm. Let’s use shopping carts as an example. Most people have seen the banners and nicely done advertisements that are pushing people to buy certain products. If you have an integrated-CMS, you’ll be able to do that on your own. Regardless of your graphic computer skills, MLM software with advanced integration capabilities can help you with that.

Being able to build-out a designed shopping experience in the shopping cart is invaluable. It will increase your sales and make your e-commerce experience vibrant. Shoppers will also come back to buy more products in the future, but an integrated-CMS is a key component to making it work. Integrated-CMS helps you to update your e-commerce to date to increase your sales and visits.

What Are the Types of CMS?

Although there are a number of CMS’s, the three most-used types of CMS’s available in the industry include the following:

  • Software-as-a-Service CMS: is a scalable cloud management system that provides significant benefits for MLM companies of all sizes.
  • Propriety CMS: is software that is managed by one company. Using a propriety CMS system for your direct selling business generally involves a license-fee in order to use the software.
  • Open Source CMS: is a CMS software system where there are generally no upgrade fees, contracts, or license fees. However, technical help and customization are not part of the core offering.

When you partner with a software company that provides CMS-integration, you will never pay for upgrades or future plugins. Using integrated-CMS with MLM software from a business standpoint is a wise choice regardless of your multi-level marketing skills.

3 Reasons Why Direct Sellers Should Be Using a CMS

While there are many good reasons why your direct selling business should be using CMS, the three reasons listed below are the most vital ones:

1. Increased Sales Opportunities by Blogging

Having an integrated-CMS that works with WordPress and other open-source platforms allows you to blog more efficiently and productively. Blogging is an important component for the success of any direct selling MLM business. Advanced integration capabilities can make your blogs more professional and appealing to potential buyers. Additionally, it increases sales opportunities, boosts lead generations and promotes a stronger social media presence.

2. The Ability to Write Content Quickly and More Efficiently

This is an important factor when it comes to changing and updating product information. For example, if you’ve been blogging about a product and the price changes, CMS makes it easy to make that change. Integrated-CMS gives you the ability to write content across multiple platforms in a very time-efficient manner. Advanced MLM software with integration capabilities also allows you to schedule content with a content calendar.

3. Increase Your Website Traffic and Build Brand Awareness

There isn’t one person who works in MLM that doesn’t want more website traffic. Although gaining more monthly visitors is always a goal, building your brand awareness is also a key component. Using integrated CMS with MLM software is the best way to increase your website traffic and build brand awareness. When you have software like Firestorm running your CMS, you can relax because it automatically does that for you.

The Core Value of Being Able to Integrate With Any CMS

There are certainly a lot of software programs available in today’s marketplace. From out-of-the-box software available at retail box stores to a number of online service providers. With such a vast selection of available software, the core value comes down to one question, does it have the ability to integrate with any CMS?

Here at Trinity Software, our flagship MLM software Firestorm can integrate with any CMS. If you are considering using WordPress for direct selling then you’ve come to the right place. If you are interested in another CMS, we’ve got you covered as Firestorm’s advanced MLM capabilities can easily integrate with the most popular open-sourced CMS platforms including:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • PrestaShop (e-commerce)
  • Magento (e-commerce)

When you choose Trinity Software as your MLM software provider, you get CMS integration across the board at no additional cost. We are the most recommended MLM software provider in the industry, and we have the best technicians and support staff in the biz. Contact Trinity Software today to get your MLM business integrated with CMS capabilities to promote your sales and brand awareness.

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Video Transcription

Ok, the next thing we’re going to talk about is an integrated content management system. Now some of you may be going, “What is that?” Ok, well a good example of a content management system is WordPress. WordPress has a very well-designed WYSIWYG interface, which is “what you see is what you get.” You can drag and drop elements and kind of build and manage your webpages very simply. Well if you buy the right platform, it’s going to have an integrated CMS system that’s very much like WordPress, but it’s tailored very specifically for our environment.

So it allows you to do things, just to give you some examples, in your shopping cart you’ve probably all seen the beautiful product photography. You’ve seen the banners, you’ve seen advertisements that come up that are pushing people to buy certain products. If you have an integrated CMS, you’ll be able to do that on your own, ok, if you have the graphic talent in-house. If you don’t, our team can certainly help you with that. But being able to build out a designed shopping experience in the shopping cart is invaluable. It will increase your sales and make your e-commerce experience vibrant, and people will keep coming back to buy more product in the future. But an integrated CMS is key to that.