We own the cloud

All of our servers are hosted in our self-owned world-class tier-3 data center, allowing us to provide an unprecedented level of support, customization and performance for your company.

Combined with one of our hosted packages, Complete Control is in your hands!

The Dedicated Server package is for companies who require the complete access to the Firestorm® system that is offered by an in-house license, but either cannot afford to make the purchase outright, or simply do not have the proper staff to maintain the system.

We will provide physical (not virtual) enterprise class server or servers (depending on your needs) that we will host and maintain here in our facilities. You will still access the system via remote desktop, but will not be under any of the same restrictions placed on our shared hosting platform.

The decision to use dedicated servers is an important one for your company. Your decision should be based on whether or not you need the advanced capabilities offered by a dedicated server platform for your Firestorm® system. If you do need what dedicated servers can offer, you may be wondering “what exactly do I get?”

Physical Servers

When choosing to place your Firestorm® system on a dedicated server platform in our self-owned hosting facility, you can rest assured that your system will be running on an actual physical dedicated server that will not be shared by any other company. We do not use virtual servers. Our servers are all state of the art, with advanced generation processors, large amounts of memory, high-speed hard drives, and fully redundant connectivity to the internet.


Full Hardware and Software Support

Your servers will be maintained by our staff of experts to ensure proper operation with the Firestorm® system. Our technicians will be responsible for all operating system, SQL Server, Networking, Hardware, Software, Firewall or Firestorm® issues that may arise during day to day operations. No matter what the issue is, one phone call is all you need to make to have any issue resolved that is within our control.

Increased Performance

As your company grows and matures, the need for more and more capacity and performace will become evident. By having the full power of multiple servers at your disposal, your company will no longer be constrained by having to share hardware with other companies. The full power of your server will be available to your company, all of the time. Your servers will be used by no-one else. The enhanced performance available on a dedicated server is only limited by the servers themselves. When making the decision to use dedicated servers, your sales representative will discuss your current needs with you and your plans for the future so the choice of server capacity and configuration can be made correctly.

Full API Access

When a company needs the advanced capabilities that full access to the Firestorm® API can provide, then being on our dedicated server platform is the only way to go! Your developers and administrative personnel will be granted a much higher level of access to the system, allowing your developers to create their own interfaces to our system by using the Firestorm® API.


As needs vary according to necessity, so does pricing. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information. Dedicated server fees are an additional monthly cost.

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