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NEW: Firestorm Subscription Edition

This is a game changer! We’re now offering a NO startup fee, fixed monthly price system subscription. You heard it right! A fixed price per month for your Firestorm® system, no upcharges, no surprises, no transaction fees. Best of all, no huge out of pocket expense up front. Month to month contract, same cost every month.

You can obtain the premier direct selling software solution, Firestorm® for the lowest price ever possible. No limits on the capacity of the system whatsoever. This is the same Firestorm® system that is known as the best solution in the industry!

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Firestorm® is a world class software solution for Direct Selling companies of any size, backed up by our team of highly skilled specialists. Firestorm® can help your company grow beyond your wildest dreams, it’s the most comprehensive software solution available in the market.

Our team’s commitment to your success is beyond compare. We understand this is your dream. We get it.

Launch your dream right now!

MLM Software for the Enterprise

Firestorm® MLM Software offers extended feature sets and maximum flexibility with little or no custom programming. Here are just a few …

Flexibility & Control

Multiple pay structures supported- Direct Sales, Party Plan, Binary, Unilevel, Forced-Matrix, Stairstep, and many others.

Comprehensive Tools

Comprehensive members web back office – A complete suite of tools to help your leaders manage their business.

Fraud Control

Firestorm has integrated credit card processing and extensive fraud control features included.

Concurrent Pay

Firestorm is very robust in it’s ability to fit your financial needs. Concurrent pay structures are supported.

Firestorm is Fast

FAST commissioning engine – Firestorm’s proprietary commissioning engine runs in minutes, not hours! Time is too valuable.

Marketing Tools

Communications and Marketing. – Integrated e-mail campaign manager, web messaging, automated email responses and more.

International Support

With Firestorm your business will have full International Support – multiple languages, currency, timezones, shipping, fees, etc.

Configurable Payouts

User payouts can be product or volume based. Firestorm can be totally configurable by you!

Replicating Sites

Firestorm powered web sites, fully individualized replicated sites with personal photos and testimonial.

It's Time.

Successful network marketing companies seeking growth and profitability rely on Firestorm® MLM Software for managing their operations.

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Customization and Configuration


The two approaches to developing a system for the industry:

The Normal Method

Offer a basic software package and charge companies for custom programming to add any features to the basic application.

The Firestorm way

Offer every option under the sun and allow the client to choose what fits them best, saving time and money. Offer intuitive control so as the company grows, the system can grow with them and fit the needs of the future.

"We never imagined such fantastic growth of our recently launched company. I am convinced it would not have been possible without Trinity Software’s help and expertise."

"Having a MLM software package like Firestorm is fantastic in and of itself, but having a team like Trinity on your side makes it beyond excellent!"

Trinity Software Selected As Alliance Partner of the Year

The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance has selected Trinity Software as Alliance Partner of the Year for 2011. Trinity Software is proud to support the DSWA and will continue in its commitment to provide world class software and services in support of the companies and individuals represented by the DSWA. The DSWA is a global organization dedicated to uniting entrepreneurs throughout the world who share a common desire of achieving personal and financial success.

3 Important Firestorm questions …

We know that when you’re searching for a solution that will help your business grow and succeed you want the best, so we’re sure you have a lot of questions. Firestorm has so many facets and tools to help we want to make sure we lead you to the answers you need. After all that’s WHY we do what we do, we want to help your business be all that it can be.

What size clients do you work with?

We have developed innovative and unique pricing models to allow even startup companies on a very limited budget to be able to afford a world class software system to help build the company of your dreams!

What's included in Firestorm?

We will provide a core Firestorm system hosted in our facilities, with all of the basic features you need to launch, including a pre-configured compensation plan and a fully functional e-commerce platform (shopping cart, online enrollment), hosting of your corporate website, all operating system and database software, all appropriate licenses, all servers, networking and infrastructure required to run your system. Of course, we will also provide incident based access to our award winning support department via phone and email.

Do you offer any Firestorm Training?

Our Firestorm Training Course is designed for those who will be running day to day operations of the system. It’s a 2 day course(up to 5 if requested) ranging from MLM industry concepts and business processes to system administration and advanced configuration methods. Courses are taught with a live instructor and can be given at customer facilities(Travel expenses are not included) or at Trinity Software’s corporate offices.


Our success only comes when we help make your business a success. That’s just what we do, why we’re here, and we love it.

Thanks for checking out Firestorm®. You’re the very reason we do what we do at Trinity Software. We’ve been providing a powerfully advanced but simple to use tool for all forms of Direct marketing for over 17 years, so you need not look any further. I recommend reading about Firestorm® and even better contact us so we can walk you through a customized demo to show you the tools that it offers your company from Comp plans and managing their twists and turns, to giving you a portal to create & organize parties and guests on-line and off. Trinity’s strength is it’s configuration flexibility, reliability, and the integrity of it’s team. Our software is met with rave reviews. We want to make your life easier and not more complicated, we get it.

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